Creating the Perfect Playroom From the Floor up!

December 1, 2018

Since Dexter was born, I’ve been creating the perfect playroom in my head. I long to have a spare room just for the kids – big enough to house wonderful toys and things that they have and make magical memories.
So, now I’m putting it down in writing – because when you write down your goals, they are more likely to become a reality.
*This is a collaborative post*

The Walls.

The walls of our perfect playroom would be colourful and mismatched.
One corner would be dark purples and navy mixed together to create a night time feel. There would be glow in the dark paint creating stars on the wall and ceiling and a little cosy teepee to read books. The skirting boards would all be simple and clean with crisp lines to tie the walls together. The rest of the walls would be bold blocks of colour with vibrant frames housing the children’s latest creative works of art, handprints, and lots of inspiring or funny quotes. One wall would also have a large section painted with blackboard paint and fairy lights hanging around and perhaps some mirrors dotted about.

The Flooring.

For ease of cleaning, I would probably opt for laminate flooring in a walnut effect. My husband works with walnut a fair bit and its such a gorgeous wood. When creating the perfect playroom we would just have to include cosy rugs and floor cushions in the quiet/den area and of course a car mat or something too – Oh, a place to have our tuff spot tray.

The Storage.

Ikea Kallax units win the day for me here. They’re so versatile and can be used against walls or jotting out sideways to divide the room into sections. Not only that, they can be customised so many different ways, with drawers, boxes, cupboard doors, paper trays, baskets and so much more. And when everything is put away, it’s hidden out of sight and looks so tidy! Fabulous for creating the perfect playroom.

We LOVE the Ikea Kallax! these drawers hold a LOT!


When I see this playroom in my head, I see the kids playing so nicely in their preferred zones. I guess I see it similar to a nursery classroom. A home corner, a book nook or reading den. Ideally, I’d like a butlers sink for washing up the painting stuff and the test tubes from the science experiments we would do with our Wonderlab. There would be a couple of tables where homework could be done or where we could play ‘shops’ or ‘doctors’ or anything really.

The Little Tikes STEM Jr. Wonder Lab is brilliant for igniting curiosity and sparking imaginations. The perfect gift for expanding little minds
Little Miss Curiosity! She just loves mixing stuff! Adult supervision is a must with this one!

There would be pen pots and a lego table, perhaps a hanging rail for dressing up clothes and so many other fun things.
And if we really were creating the perfect playroom, it would have to open out onto the garden too so they would have the freedom to get outside and run wild.
What would you have in your perfect playroom?

A perfect playroom and a place to escape
Run free, little wildlings

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