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Crate Creatures Surprise – Review

June 8, 2019

Meet Pudge, an utterly charming young fellow that has come to live with us. Wait, that’s not right, he’s not charming at all. He’s downright gross and disgusting – The kids LOVE him! Pudge is one of a range of 6 Crate Creatures and he was sent to us to look after so that we could tell you about him*

Pudge, our Crate Creatures Surprise, arrived locked in a crate, chained to a pallet. Covered in cautions and warnings about tongue pulling, my kids instantly wanted to free him, and set to work using the crowbar on the lock. Once his chain is released you then use the crowbar again to open the crate. As the lid opens, a spring mechanism forces the Crate Creature upward to give the impression that he is trying to break free – a brilliant addition!

ugly monstrous toy creature with a green face and blue fur, stood outside the crate he was delivered in, with his chain and pizza
Meet Pudge, our Crate Creature

The good thing about this toy’s packaging is that actually, the crate is his home and when you’ve finished playing with him, you can re-capture him, pop him back in and then chain him up again. (He also has an off switch – because we all know what it’s like when a toy has been making the same noise for a while and the kids have gone off to play with something else, am I right?)

A girl and a boy playing with the crate creature monstor toy together, pulling on it's toungue
Crate Creatures don’t like it when you pull on their tongue

So, What does a Crate Creature do?

Each of the Crate Creatures has a different personality. Our friend, Pudge comes from the Forests of Savannah, where the fresh air keeps his farts from stinking, but being locked in his crate, the smell started to make his eyes spin. He likes pizza but it makes him gassy.

Other Crate Creatures are…
Blizz – Blizz comes from the frozen land of Icicla and loves his frozen popsicle—but don’t let it give him brain freeze! 

Snorthog – Snorthog the Snotty Warthog comes from deep in the muggy jungles of Tuskk. Snorthog loves his corndog—he’s got a hunger that can’t be met!

Sizzle – Sizzle is the youngest dragon in his family, who rule the volcanoes of Chunchland. Sizzle loves his marshmallows—but they make him burp and fart!

There are also Char and Stubbs, the two newest Crate creatures to the collection

boy and girl looking at crate creature

Each crate creature has a special feature – With Pudge, pressing down on one of his horns will spin his eyes round to a different colour, but all of them come with 45 creature sounds and effects and other features such as…

  • When you hold their food item to their mouth they make super gross chomping and lip-smacking noises.
  • By pulling their tongue, you make him shake with rage and his eyes glow.
  • Roars in delight when you knock him over, flip him or shake him
  • And the bit that Dexter loves most is holding his belly to record your speech and having him say it back to you in his creature voice (I may have recorded a message telling the children to tidy up)
boy holding up Crate Creature
Farting, burping lip smacking, gross little monster pet – my kids love Pudge, our Crate Creature
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The Crate stands about 21 cm tall and Pudge is about the size of a small teddy so not going to take up loads of storage space.

They take 3AA batteries (included) and each one comes with its own food item, the crate, the chain and the crowbar

The Creatures retail at around £30 which is probably the most I would pay but all three of our children love it. Despite being gruesome and monstrous, he gets lots of love and affection from my three.

If I’d just seen it in a shop I probably wouldn’t have paid it much attention so I’m glad we were able to review it. My kids would recommend it – an actually, so would I.

toddler girl laughing at the crate creature
Even Bridget loves him and finds him hilarious

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