Crafting with Kids – Valentines Cards

February 11, 2018

As a couple, Liam and I don’t really bother with Valentine’s day. But that doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy it with our kids, and today we have been making valentines cards. I like to get a little crafty with them and they love any excuse to play with scissors and glue… and draw all over themselves. We have fun and I think it’s important to nurture their creative spirit. Also, a lot of our craft supplies have been built up over the last couple of years and are relatively inexpensive.

Making Valentines Cards - A selection of our craft supplies

Making Valentines Cards – A selection of our craft supplies

Whenever we make things together like this, I tend to grab a few bits out and just let them do what they like. I try not to dictate what they should make or how they should make it. All  I said today was that we were making valentines cards which are basically love cards – that you send to people you love.
Dexter wanted to make one for his friend because he ‘loves laughing with him’ which I thought was cute.

Siblings that craft together…..

Paisley tried to work on her scissor skills and made lots of cuts in a card and Didge… Well, I like to include her in our craft time but obviously, if she managed to make a card I would be hugely impressed. So I gave her some of our materials and let her have a play with them. it works as a sort of sensory play for her but still keeps her involved so she’s happy.

We were sent a few craft bits from Crafty Arts including some blank cards and envelopes so we included those in our set up. Dexter set to work, starting with the flower stickers we were sent. I used some of the self-adhesive pastel glitter paper and our little heart cutter to make some little heart stickers. Dexter added to his creation with some felt pens and some washi tape… Pais, drew on hers and then cut it up a bit. Nanny popped in for a cup of tea and I think Dexter gave a card to her and I’ve kept on aside for Liam. Just because.

Our finished cards

Do you celebrate Valentines Day? How have you explained it to your little ones? Have they made any cards? I’d love to see


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