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March 22, 2020

I didn’t want to fill my blog with lots of posts about the Corona Virus and what it means, what affects it’s having on various aspect of ours and everyone’s lives – but I do feel that I need a place for a bit of a mind dump. So I’ll be adding to this post as and when I feel the need and it’ll just be one of those posts that never really gets shared. It was just written for writing’s sake.

Friday, March 20th

So today, Dexter had what could potentially be his last day at his school. The Schools are closed (for most children) and we are being advised to stay home where possible and homeschool our children going forward.

I’ve fluctuated between being excited for the gift of time we’ve all been given with our children – and terrified that I’m going to fuck them up because I’m not a teacher.

We popped out today to treat them to a new pencil case each (I know Bridget doesn’t need one but I can’t leave her out), some craft bits and some other bits and bobs.
I got some balloons to make papier mache models or make balloon-powered LEGO cars. Dexter likes doing word searches so I got him a book of those so that he can take himself off if he wants to escape his sisters. I got some new colouring pencils, some bath crayons (they won’t realise they’re learning if it’s bath time) and then I got some laminator sheets so that I can print off worksheets and make them reusable, some seeds to grow, some whiteboard markers and some glue and tape for general crafting

lots of school supplies such as pencil cases, colouring pencils, craft foam, white board markers, seeds to plant, glue.
A few bits we picked up to keep us going

I’m just a bit sad that there is potential for the schools to be closed until September. If this happens, Dexter won’t get a leavers party, he won’t be able to say goodbye to his teachers, he won’t get his school shirt signs or any of those other things that you do when you leave school.

But, we’re not alone. It could all be drastically worse. We’ll get through it.


Saturday, March 21st

Today has been hard, I’ve been so stressed thinking I’m gunna fuck up our kids that I’ve had a cry a couple of times but have been really encouraged by good friends. It’s not ben my choice to home educate my children and if it was, I wouldn’t have thrown myself in at the deep end.
At the moment I am calm. I have tidied and reorganised all of our toys and things so that the more educational stuff is within easy reach in the living room. other toys have been spread between the bedrooms so that they have somewhere to go and play away from all the learning stuff.
When I say learning stuff, I don’t mean I’ve set us up a classroom, just that our living rooms shelves in the kallax have things that offer educational benefits.
It’s been a hard day. But I’ve avoided the news, I’ve tidied the house and therefore tidied my mind and Dexter and I have spent the last hour or so playing ‘Hit the Button’ – A maths game online that focuses on number bonds, multiplication and division. We’ve had a giggle trying to beat top scores and it’s helped me see that although this isn’t something I’d have chosen, It’s not all bad. Hopefully, we will enjoy it.


Young boy sitting in a low lit room, playing a maths game on the laptop
Dexter has enjoyed playing ‘Hit The Button”

Sunday, March 22nd

Today has been a good day. Sure, I don’t mean for everyone but in this house it has. Today is Mother’s Day. The kids got me a new lipstick (not that they have any idea) and wrote me a card. We’ve done some gardening, painting, lego building, played games and played in the garden.
I’ve loosely planned lessons for the week for the kids which I’m going to be sharing on my instastories. Their topic is families so we’re going to do a range of things from gathering data on heights, eye colour, hair colour etc of everyone in our household, making lego replicas of ourselves, making a family coat of arms, a news report and stuff. We’ll be including a fair about of maths and English in this so we’ll break up the days with some gardening, following along with a live PE lesson on youtube and just chilling an playing a bit too.
After such a stressful couple of days, I’m really beginning to look forward to it all.

selfie of mum and 2 young girls sitting in front of some big colourful cardboard bricks, smiling at the camera. having fun
Homeschool fun

I’m also feeling really lucky and privileged at the moment as I know this virus has caused a great deal of stress for a lot of people, especially those that have had job losses or pay cutbacks and so on. But for us, the nature of Liam’s job means that he has a lot of overtime available if he wants it and his job is secure. If he (or any of us) contract the virus, He will be sent home with pay and we can isolate together. The only thing really that has changed is having the kids home – and I’m super grateful that we are in this position.

Anyway, enough rambling. I need to give the living room a quick tidy and prep for home school tomorrow

Wednesday 1st April

Today is hard. The kids are struggling. Dexter got up this morning and wanted to make pancakes and any other time I would have helped him… but we’re short on eggs and the shops just don’t seem to have any so I have to make them last. It’s tough for a 6-year-old to understand that and so he’s been really emotional all day. we’ve had no end of tantrums and stops and tears over the tiniest little things, his sisters have wound him up and he has done no school work at all. I’m going to look through all the games and craft sets we’ve got and find something for him to do to cheer him up. Wish me luck.
Later that evening: Well, this evening after dinner we went out for a walk. The kids took bikes and scooters and we told them we couldn’t go to the parks and they weren’t to touch anything but they were so happy to be out and scooting around. They went to bed much happier and then I sat and played a game of video chat bing with some blogger friends. The evening has been much better than the day time

Wednesday 8th April

Well, We’re officially quarantined. I have a horrible cough and government advice os to quarantine for 7 days. members of the household with no symptoms are to quarantine for 14 days so that they have time for symptoms to develop without infecting anyone else.
We have lovely friends that were our neighbours in our old house that have done a bit of shopping for us, which was lovely of them and we’ve got plenty of stuff to be doing. We’re also lucky enough to have a garden so we’re not short of fresh air.

Today is one of Dexters school friends birthdays so her mum has organised a virtual birthday party for her. She’s asked that everybody has one of two apps open to join with the fun. There will be dancing, and food (we’ll each provide our own at home) and then we’ll sing happy birthday to her. It’ll be lovely for Dexter to see all of his friends for a little while and I’m looking forward to seeing how it goes.
For now though, I’m just going to take myself (and my cough) off for a rest.

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