Clumsy boy

October 6, 2014

Toddlers are clumsy. I’m sure this applies to all toddlers but in particular, mine. My dear sweet 16 month old boy will sometimes do things in the most careful of ways. For example he’ll find something in the garden to hold on to, normally the washing line pole and just ever so slowly, ease one foot off the edge of the decking onto the grass, pointing his toe so he can feel when he touches the ground. It’s so cute to watch. But then other times, he’ll just casually trip over the fresh air between his feet and the floor.

He climbs on every available surface. He’s always crawling under things and then trying to stand up so he bangs his head and recently he managed to work out how to get on to the coffee table. After taking him down several times and trying to stop him doing it, I decided to just leave him on there and let him figure out hoe to get down for himself. Obviously, I was right there with him and he was in no danger.

But I was amazed that after realising I wasn’t going to help him down, he sat on the edge, turned around and slid off so that his feet touched the ground first. He seemed to know exactly what was doing and got down very safely. He can do this, he’s clever enough to work that out… yet sometimes he just falls over his own feet.

Just 2 days ago I watched him face-plant the leg of my mums dining table. The day before that, he fell off the arm of the sofa trying to reach for the remote and the worse one so far, today at the allotment he was walking and started getting faster and faster and then just completely lost his footing. He grazed his hand and his chin and I thought that was all so I sat him in his buggy, went to get his drink and then to my horror, I turned round to see his mouth was pouring with blood. From what I can see, he just bit the side of his tongue, but mix all that blood with snot and tears, it didn’t half make a mess of his cute little face. I wish I’d taken a picture of him but this was one moment I had to sort him out before getting my phone.

I feel like I’m always following him around telling him to be careful. He doesn’t need telling, he knows what he’s doing. He just hasn’t perfected his skills yet. Sometimes I stand back and cringe as I watch him but more often, I’m in awe of how fearless he is. He doesn’t yet fully understand that falling and crashing and bashing will hurt and as a result just carries on regardless. I hope to some degree he never looses that. I hope he continues to explore the world in the wonderful way that he does. My crazy, crashy-bashy, fearless boy.

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