Christmas with the Rickerbys 2018

December 2, 2018

I’m very conscious that a lot of my posts lately have been reviews and things and not much in the way of personal posts. I’ve got a list of things that I’ve been wanting to write about but sometimes paid work comes in and that has to take priority now that this is my job… otherwise I don’t get paid. 

But in the interest of keeping it real, I wanted to take a little time each day to document our advent. Our run up to Christmas and all the little things that we do that make the season special. 

It won’t be a lot but I just needed to get the memories recorded because that is the reason I started this blog. There will be elements of my other work creeping in, of course there will, this is what I do now but I’m very lucky to have a job now that will afford me the luxury of being able to stay home with my babies and do things like go to pantomimes and review products. 

So… My plan is to update this post all though-out the Christmas period with a couple of photographs and a small diary-like entry of what we’ve been up to. I’d love it if you would follow along.

December 1st

Today, the kids opened their advent calendar for the first time. We don’t buy them individual ones. We have one that I decorated a few years back and we put our own things inside it. Most of them are slips of paper with an activity for the day written on it and a sweet or chocolate each. 
Todays said we were going out for Christmas tops to wear over the next month.

So we got dressed and wandered into town. The decorations in our local shopping centre are really nice this year, much more traditional than previous years and they’ve added a few outside elements too which I’ve never seen them do before. They’ve certainly upped their game. Shame about the rest of the City Centre.

Anyway, I would have liked to have to have got us all matching Christmas tops but our budget wouldn’t stretch that far and the ones we could have afforded, I didn’t like. 

So we got these. 

My funny little bunch.

December 2nd

Today’s advent calendar activity was to write a letter to Santa. 
I printed off some Christmas Writing Frame pages from Mrs Mactivity and let the kids choose a page each. Paisley enjoyed colouring the picture on hers, Bridget was in her element with her mark making and Dexter tried to write his letter himself but got bored of it after “Dear Santa, I’ve been g…”  – And then Liam’s sister and our niece came round for a Sunday roast so we put it all away. We can do some more writing another day if they fancy it.

December 13th

Wow, what a week! Well, We haven’t done a lot at all in the way of advent stuff or celebrating Christmas as Mummy here went and landed herself a hospital visit and stayed over a few nights. Tomorrow I will be back at hospital again for another overnight stay and an operation but Dexter will be celebrating Christmas jumper day and having a Christmas dinner at school with his friends. 

On Tuesday (11th) we were supposed to go to see a pantomime at the key theatre but I still wasn’t feeling well so my mum and sister took the bigger two and Bridget stayed home with me and Liam. My mum had wanted to go anyway and buys things for the kids that I wouldn’t necessarily buy so it worked out well all round. There will be a brief review on this soon so have a look out for that. 

Waiting for the show to start

Today we had a little visit from my friend from my old work. She spoils us a little bit by always buying us Christmas pressies. I used to protest because I don’t always have the money to reciprocate but I’m getting a lot better at realising that sometimes people are just nice and do things because they want to and I’m starting to let them just do it. She’s one of a couple of friends that do this and I just let her now. Even if I argued, she’d do it anyway. But it’s nice. She’s a good egg. 

I’ll update more another time xx

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