Celebrating Shakespeare with Viking

April 21, 2019

To celebrate this year’s Shakespeare Day, the wonderful people at Viking sent me a box of stationery goodies in order to spark my creativity.

No worries I thought, I can whip up a poem in no time…

Only… I can’t.

Shakespeare is famous the world over for his plays and sonnets and some of our most common phrases, we owe to the bard but it’s not as easy as I thought it would be. Even with the most beautiful quill and ink set…

Silver quillpent and ink pot resting on some parchment
Poetry is not the easiest thing to write, even with such a beautiful feather pen

I had a few ideas for of what I could do, how I could use the lovely supplies but every time I put pen to paper, nothing flowed. Nothing came out. It seems that when I need to be creative, I simply can’t. It’s always been the same. I did art for my GCSE but couldn’t create under instruction. an idea has to come to me and form naturally. Perhaps that was the same for Shakespeare. He honed his craft, and his words flowed onto the page.

They say to write a poem, it’s best to write about what is around you. I have enjoyed some lovely moments out in the sun, playing in parks, building dens in the woods and all sorts with my family but one constant theme in my life is my children. And constant they certainly are. From the moment they open their eyes till the moment they start snoring. So in the end, It had to be them. My childerbeasts.

Dexter – He’s the curious one
Always asking questions.
How does this work?
What does that mean?
Space is his latest obsession

Paisley – Such a funny girl
Digs worms dressed as a fairy
Screams like a banshee
Gives awesome cuddles
She’s really quite contrary

Bridget is the sweetie pie
Still taking it all in
She eats her greens
And tidies up
I wish she’d teach her siblings

My kids are such a funny bunch
An awesome little mob
Of wild little childerbeasts

So there you have it. It’s not Shakespeare quality by any stretch, but it is what is around me. My tragedy when they bicker, my comedy when they speak and my absolute little loves.
Will you be celebrating Shakespeare today? I’d love to see some of your poems in the comments.

Thanks for reading.

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