Celebrate Life: Jewellery for Special Moments

January 17, 2018

One of the most magical things about jewellery is that, looked after, it lasts a lifetime and that is why so many people use it to commemorate special moments in their lives. Engagements, weddings and anniversaries are among those special moments, as is having children and here we celebrate those special moments and offer ideas about the type of jewellery that can be used to remember them by. *This is a sponsored post*

A beautiful engagement ring

Engagements and Weddings

The age-old tradition of giving rings to our loved ones when we get engaged and then married shows no sign of waning. That said, the type of rings we give are no longer just made from the traditional mould. Chunky rings and rings made from alternative materials such as wood or cement are commonplace, a reflection perhaps of the diverse culture we now live in.

Mother and Child

Growing old together

Mother and Child

The bond between mother and child is a delight to behold and there are several ways in which that bond can be celebrated with jewellery. An eternity ring is, for example, a traditional way of celebrating the coming of a child and is given by the father to the mother. These are made from precious metals, like gold and have stones set all around them – symbolic of the eternal bond and value of the relationship.
There are, however, a number of alternatives and jewellery that is designed with one small heart to represent the child and a second bigger heart to represent the mother is one of the more popular choices.
The family love circle is another popular choice and comprises of a metal loop with the names of your nearest and dearest inscribed around it. Both the family circle and the love hearts are usually worn around the neck with a matching chain.

Celebrations of Life

It is not only family events that give cause to celebrate with jewellery, there are a whole host of other landmark moments that are worthy of a little bling or sparkle. Securing that dream job is a great reason to celebrate and cufflinks, with an appropriate insignia, earrings to make someone feel special on their first day in a new job or even a distinctive pen, all serve as appropriate gifts in such a scenario.
Celebrating the special moments that life offers is not something that happens regularly and so making the most of them when they do is really worth the effort. Remembering these moments, however, is something that we can do each and every day and what better way than with some beautiful jewellery.

New life

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