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The end of maternity leave – Time for a change?

That’s it. No more maternity leave. I have pushed out my last baby, I have fed her, let her sick on me, watched her first smiles, heard her first giggles and started her on her way to eating solids. In just over a week…

February 19, 2018
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Vionic – Orthotics without the ugly

The school runs, preschool runs and the impending end of my last ever maternity leave means that I will be outside and on my feet… a lot. Every school run is around half hour, walking to work takes around 15 minutes each way and…

February 18, 2018

3 Top tips for making home improvement fun

It can be hard to find time to have a spring clean every year (or any year!), especially if you’re working, have kids, or both! It’s also not the most exciting thing to be doing during your free time on weekends or half terms…

February 16, 2018

Hotter Shoes SS18 – For him and for her.

Back in the autumn, I was invited along to Hotter shoes to have my feet measured by Prince Charming and select a pair of shoes from the Autumn/Winter Range. Well, the Hotter Shoes SS18 Range is now out and I was invited back to…

February 9, 2018

How to Save Energy in the Winter

When the winter months roll around, we usually accept the fact that our energy bills will go up. The cold of the UK winter normally calls for more nights spent in front of the telly, hot bubble baths, the heating on and the kettle…

February 2, 2018

Why Businesses Can Benefit from Offering Express Shipping

Effective and profitable companies are those who have learned to inspire trust in their clients and customers by offering valuable and reliable services and products. To do this they are continually looking for ways to improve what they do by offering reward schemes, running…

February 1, 2018

Top 5 tips and tricks to bring life to your conservatory

Despite your best efforts, there is going to be a chance that sometimes your conservatory will look tired and worn out. After all, if you love your conservatory and design it just the way you like, then you are going to want to use…

February 1, 2018

Bridget at 7 months

Being the total eeejit that I am, and of course, being so caught up in Christmas I totally missed Bridget’s 6-month update and this week saw her turn 7 months!  I also missed a couple of others of my regular posts but we are back…

January 19, 2018

Celebrate Life: Jewellery for Special Moments

One of the most magical things about jewellery is that, looked after, it lasts a lifetime and that is why so many people use it to commemorate special moments in their lives. Engagements, weddings and anniversaries are among those special moments, as is having…

January 17, 2018