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Childs Play

Childs Play

Halloween and Autumn Crafts with Baker Ross Craft Club

Every now and then, we receive a lovely box of crafting goodies from Baker Ross. My excitement goes in to overdrive wondering what we’re going to get next and my craft chest is growing rapidly. I’ve absolutely loved this latest box of Autumn and…

October 12, 2016
Childs Play

Autumn scented, no-cook, sensory playdough

  There are literally hundreds of play dough recipes out there these days, probably even thousands. Some work really well, others not so much, so I thought it would be fun to add another one to the mix. We’ve made our own play-dough before…

September 11, 2016
Childs Play

Moon Sand Sensory Play Activity

Moon sand is such a simple thing to make and when we use it, it is normally enjoyed for hours. There are several recipes all over the internet using vegetable oil, hair conditioner corn starch and various other things that can all normally be…

May 19, 2016
Childs Play

Earth Day Canvas Craft

Today is the 46th annual Earth Day, a day set up in 1970 to fight against and raise awareness of the devastation we cause to our planet. I’ve always wanted to teach my children to respect the world around them so today we have…

April 22, 2016
Childs Play In the kitchen

Chocolate Nests – Easter Recipe.

The fact that I wrote recipe in this blog title makes me laugh. Can you call it a recipe if it only has 3 ingredients and can be made mostly just by a toddler? Haha. Anyway, if you didn’t already know, it’s the Easter bank…

March 25, 2016
Childs Play

Splashy Adventures!

Today Dexter wanted to go outside so I said I’d take him for a walk after lunch… ..Then it rained. But there is no such thing as bad weather, just inappropriate clothing. So we donned our wellington boots and our coats and headed out…

March 2, 2016
Childs Play

Remember, remember last years firework mess!!

I found some images on my phone this morning of last years firework pictures that Dexter and I did. I’m not sure why I didn’t blog about them before to be honest. Perhaps it’s something to do with the sheer amount of glitter that…

November 5, 2015