Car Cleaning with Kids!

August 15, 2019

Summer holidays are a great way for the kids to see how much work goes into running the house each day. They are also a perfect time to encourage them to help and start giving them their own jobs. One such job that seems perfect for the summer is cleaning the car. My three absolutely love getting wet, they love bubbles and would have a great time – and if they didn’t do a very good job, we could go for a drive to a car wash afterwards too, just for fun!

Their first job should be to climb inside and pick out all their toys, crumbs and rubbish. Anyone that had kids knows what I mean here. Once that’s done, a quick hoover should get the rest of the crummies.

Next is to wipe down the dashboard and interiors. A glass spray should get their handprints off the inside of the windows. Then you just need to hang your car freshener and away you go.

For the outside, you’ll probably want to start with a couple of buckets of cold water to rinse it. You can use a hosepipe but if you’re looking at keeping down your water usage, a bucket each is the way to go.

In terms of supplies, you’ll probably want a sponge each, some car cleaning liquid, and a good window squeegee which you can get at

Once you’ve rinsed the car, its time to fill up the buckets with the soapy water and let them go to town on it. Dip the sponge and scrub away.
At this point it’s probably best to stand back or risk getting wet – car cleaning and kids are a messy combination.
Scrub the wheels with a brush and then rinse the car down again. Use a squeegee on the windows and a chamois to dry the bodywork.
Make sure at the very least that they’ve managed to get your lights and your number plate clean and smear-free and then if your kids are anything like mine… You’ll probably want to go over it all yourself.
Happy car cleaning, folks!

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