D is for.. How to make a simple framed button monogram.

April 23, 2013

Well, I can’t tell you yet what D is for as we aren’t revealing his name. However, I can tell you that I made this for my son’s new bedroom.

If you are looking for a simple but effective craft, you can’t go far wrong with a simple framed button monogram.
I know you can buy these online and they look so good and often done so much better than I could do but I think I did alright really.IMG_6042

How to make a simple framed button monogram

You’ll need a box frame, a piece of card, pencil, buttons and glue – something stronger than PVA ideally.

  • Measure your card to fit the frame.
  • Draw the outline of the letter, lightly in pencil as a guide.
  • Arrange the buttons and then rearrange a few times until you’re happy with them.
  • Glue each one down one at a time so as not to loose track of your placement.

His bedroom isn’t ready for him just yet but I can’t wait for him to be in there when it is.

Did you make anything personalised for your little ones? I’d love to see!


After making this one, I made a couple for some friends too. Don’t think I’ll sell them but I did enjoy making them and they were fairly straightforward to do and enjoyed by the recipients. With these, I used a piece of burlap for the background which I actually prefer.

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