Why Businesses Can Benefit from Offering Express Shipping

February 1, 2018

Effective and profitable companies are those who have learned to inspire trust in their clients and customers by offering valuable and reliable services and products. To do this they are continually looking for ways to improve what they do by offering reward schemes, running promotions and delivering great customer care. Another way businesses can win the trust and loyalty of their customers is by offering express shipping and here we look at the reasons for this. *This is a collaborative post*

Instant Gratification

Companies that offer express shipping or next day delivery have an advantage over those who do not. We now live in a culture that does not like to wait for anything, paying customers, in particular, place a lot of value on being able to get the things they want quickly and so if it is a choice between using a company that offers express delivery and one that does not, they choose the former.

People Will Pay More for Express Delivery

Amazon Prime is a good example of how people are actually willing to pay more for express delivery. In this instance, Amazon Prime customers pay a monthly or an annual subscription to get the goods they want quicker.

This is also a good example of how the costs of shipping should be transparent to the customer. Adding the price of shipping, or at least some of it, to the price of the goods purchased is poor business practice. It is much better to give customers the option and to let them see that for express or premium services they will have to pay a little more. This empowers the customer and in the majority of cases they will appreciate it and consider paying more.

Customer Expectation

Businesses who offer express delivery, particularly next day or same day delivery are also living up to customer expectations. A recent survey, the results from which were published in the eDelivery Index Report, showed that only around half of European retailers offered express delivery and only 6% offered same day delivery.

The upshot of this is that retailers are failing to live up to customer expectations. Customers now want and expect their purchases to be delivered quickly and companies who are not offering this as an option are missing out on valuable trade.

The benefits of offering express delivery to customers then are threefold; increased trust, more loyalty from happy customers and increased potential for business.

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