Brilliant Gift Ideas For Kids

June 28, 2019

It can be so difficult sometimes to come up with great gift ideas when you are buying for your own children. You know everything that they have already and you know which things they actually enjoy and play with regularly. You might have a child who gives you a long list of things that they want, that they have been working on and adding to for months before their birthday. Or you might have a child who tells you that they ‘just want surprises’ for their special day. It can be a challenge, either way, so we have come up with some brilliant gift ideas when you are buying for your own child.

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Toys and games

Of course you would expect to see this one on a list for children’s gift ideas. Whether you are looking to buy things such as board games, Dolls House Accessories, soft toys or STEM kits and gifts there is a huge array of toys to choose from. What is it that your child plays with the most? They might love their board games so look around for best buys and top-rated games for their age group. They might adore cuddly toys, so seek to add to their collection. Or perhaps they really like their action figures, so check out the range that has always served you well until now as the most robust and playable and add to their set. 

Experiences and adventures

You might find that you are looking around at your child’s bedroom and thinking to yourself that surely they don’t need any more toys? You know that friends and family will probably buy them some more anyway, so perhaps you want to spend your money on their gift on something a little more special and memorable. You could book a family fun day out, tickets to the cinema or theatre, a mini break or perhaps an adventure such as rock climbing or horse riding. You will know what your child loves the most, so have a think about what will be likely to put the biggest smile on their face.

Technology and gadgets

It can be easy to get frustrated by screen time, but there is no question that technology has a place in our children’s development and learning. Special occasions are a good time to invest in these as they can be quite pricey as gifts. New games consoles can be very popular, and laptops can be handy for school work. If your child loves their music, an MP3 player will go down well with them, or perhaps look for an eReader to encourage more reading. 

Subscription boxes and magazines
This one is great as it is the gift that just keeps on giving. There are plenty of boxes and magazines available on subscription now, so set one up to suit your child’s interests or to broaden their horizons. You will find a huge variety of themes are available, from nature to history to books to stationery to crafting to comics to experiments, you will be spoilt for choice!

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