Bridget at 10 months

April 15, 2018

Not surprisingly, I missed Bridget’s 9-month update so rather than writing that one late, I decided to get her 10 months one done instead. She’s growing up so fast and as cliche as it sounds, I really don’t know where the time is going. It won’t be long until she’s running around in circles like the bigger two and just generally driving me crazy. So where is she at? What is she up to? Let’s find out.


Bridget and the monsters



Generally speaking, she will have two or three naps a day and sleep most of the night but she dream feeds as she sleeps in our bed. We’ve just decorated the girls’ bedroom and have a couple of finishing touches and then we will be moving Bridget in there with Paisley. I’m not sure how she’ll settle in there without being attached to me all night but she’ll get used to it eventually. I’ll be sharing a post and a video of the girls’ bedroom makeover as its such a tiny room.


Bridget is still breastfeeding and has been eating solids since Christmas Day. She almost always picks up veg first on her plate.. but I’ve been there and I’m not naive enough to think she won’t be a fussy eater later on. Currently, though, she is happy to eat everything we give her and manages it very well. We have done baby led weaning from the start so no purees and mashing things for her. We have a few favourite weaning products that you can check out and they’ve made the journey very easy.

Yummy roast dinner! This one loves her food.

Physical development

Bridget currently has 6 teeth. 4 at the top and two at the bottom. She still has a small about of her stork bite birthmark on the back of her neck and her left eye still has that unique little brown spot, though overall her eyes are turning more green than blue. She can now confidently crawl around the room at speed and pull her self to standing at things like the stair gate and sofa. She loves the occasional stint in her pop n jump and is very bouncy.
2 weeks ago, she had her first go on a swing and was full of giggles, so we’re really looking forward to the warmer weather. I’ll soon have to get Dexter’s old wooden walker out of the garage for her to practice with.

Her first go on the swings


Bridget loves to be part of the group.  She loves to clamber all over her brother when he’s laying on the floor and hates it if we all leave the room at the same time. She pulls a mega cute face where she wrinkles up her nose and she almost never stays still for a bum change.

Bridget already looks up to Dexter and Pais and watches them intently. When she cries, they are able to cheer her up with the simplest of engagements. I am already seeing the essence of a toddler in her and getting a glimpse of what she’ll be like when she’s toddling around. She’s a happy, chatty little soul, always singing to herself and copying sounds that we make. She is curious and inquisitive. She never wants the baby toys if the bigger toys are around. She’d much rather play with Dexter’s cars than the musical, singing, bright stuff aimed at her age and she loves to knock over towers, much to the annoyance of Paisley.

I possibly won’t be doing another update now until she’s a year old so I hope to have much more exciting stuff to tell you about. For now, though, I’ll be watching intently as my last born leaves behind her baby days and grows into the cheeky toddler she’s becoming. I’m certainly going to miss having a baby but so excited to see her as a funny, cheeky little thing, strutting about with the bigger two.

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