Bridget at 7 months

January 19, 2018

Being the total eeejit that I am, and of course, being so caught up in Christmas I totally missed Bridget’s 6-month update and this week saw her turn 7 months!  I also missed a couple of others of my regular posts but we are back into our routine now so hopefully, I’ll be able to catch you up.

Well, Bridget slept through the night for a short while… but it was a really short while. She’s still got plenty of room in her Chicco Next2me Dream but at 7 months old, she’ll soon be able to pull herself up on the sides which isn’t really ideal, to say the least.
So.. yeah, we are still #TeamNoSleep here. I’m not that fussed really. We get enough sleep to function so it’s not so bad.

Bridget and her cousin, Alice

We celebrated her first Christmas last month and she was all smiles for everyone. She wore a couple of lovely dresses, which made a change from her sleep suits and leggings. She loved her new toys and really took in all the sights, smells and sounds. Christmas is such a sensory time. Even for me at the age of 34.

On Christmas day she had her first ever meal. And what better meal to start the weaning process than with a full on Christmas roast dinner?! She had a chunk of turkey, roast potato, parsnip, carrot and a few other bits. Of course, she had no clue what she was doing but some of it made her way into her mouth, even if very little of it got swallowed.

Mmmmm, yorkie pud!!

Bridget’s personality is really beginning to show through. She loves to be upright, springing and bouncing, weight bearing on her little legs and is loving play time in her Pop n Jump.
If the bigger two are out at school/preschool, she gets the whole of the living room floor to roll around on, uninterrupted.She loves tummy time and likes to ‘skydive’ with her arms and legs out, just balancing on her belly.Baby girl laying on the floor amongst toys
We’ve also started doing some quick set up sensory play when I have little bits of work to do. Mainly, I try and work around all the different school runs and nap times and things but sometimes if I have to send a quick email or jump on my laptop for 5 minutes, I set her up with some different textures and shapes in her highchair. She’s happy to sit there until she’s dropped it all and then we start again.

Pink! Simple sensory play with a range of items of different shapes, colours and textures.

We have just started dressing her in 6-9 month clothes so I now have a whole load to sort through for the loft. She has 2 teeth at the bottom and she’s now in a pushchair seat too instead of laying flat in the carrycot on the hybrid stroller. She’s a big fan of bath time but is always a bit shocked when she splashes herself in the face.

I think the biggest change over the last month or so is definitely the weaning journey. With Dexter we started on purees, with Paisley we mixed purees with baby led weaning but with Bridget, we are going baby led all the way. She hasn’t rejected anything yet and is really loving red pepper and broccoli. I’m posting a fair few pictures of her weaning journey over on our Instagram at the moment so do be sure to head over and check them out. Perhaps give me a follow if you fancy it 😉
These baby days go far too quickly. I was thinking this morning about going back to the baby group that Dexter and both Paisley have been to. It doesn’t seem like 5 mins since Paisley was there showing off her walking skills and now she’s off to preschool. I think I’ve only been there once since having Bridget. Really should sort that out.
Anyway, I hope you’ll pop back again for Bridget’s next update.

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