Bridget at 5 months

November 15, 2017

Dear Bridget,

Your 5-month update is coming from a different angle today.
Today I want to apologise. Your birth order is not your fault. It’s not your fault that you are our third child but being last often means exactly that. Last.
You are the last one I get ready in the mornings when your brother is fussing and not wanting to go to school and telling me he can’t do things that I know he can and your sister is flying around like a headless chicken and getting into everything because she is a little whirlwind of chaos. Sometimes, by the time I’ve got them ready. I only really have time to throw you into your coat and into the pram. Still in last nights onesie.

You are the last one to get a bath because your sister likes to wear her dinner and your brother likes to draw on himself and you just sit and watch, taking it all in and not getting mucky at all. I’d bath you with them if I didn’t fear for your life in the tsunami they create. I’m surprised I even need to empty the bath most times. They do a pretty good job of that themselves… onto the bathroom floor.

You are the last one to be fed when both your brother and sister start to have meltdowns of epic proportions if they start getting hungry. You sit, so calmly in your bouncer chair, just sucking on your thumb, giving a little cry to let me know you’re waiting and then you carry on doing exactly that… just waiting.

Santa Baby

Please know, that just because you were born last, and sometimes you have to wait till last, you are not ‘least’.
I don’t love you any less than the other two. Your firsts aren’t any less interesting or exciting or anticipated. I feel incredible guilt at sometimes making you wait while I give your brother some much-needed one to one time or while I wash Paisley’s dinner from her tangled hair.

You’re so patient. Thank you for that. Thank you for not making me a liar when I say 3 children isn’t as hard as I thought it would be. It has it’s challenges, of course, but there are many moments that make it worth it.  Today you giggled at me. And not by chance. you giggled on purpose because I nibbled on your chin. I did it a few times to make sure and you giggled every time.  It was so beautiful. You’ve giggled before but I’ve not been able to get you to repeat it until now. It’s such a sweet sound.

You’ve become very active. You can now roll across the living room floor quite fast. I left you in one spot yesterday while I put your sister down for a nap and when I came back you were the other side of the room. I’m sorry I missed it but I was still so proud of you.
You have the biggest smiles I’ve ever seen. Much like your brothers when he was your age. They take over your whole face, your eyes light up and your mouth is so wide with happiness. And you give them so freely to anyone that asks.

You don’t like to sleep on your own, you love being nestled into me. Which is fine. I like cuddles too. When you are awake, you are super chatty. You love to look around and take everything in, too. Just recently we’ve received a Pop and Jump which you love to sit in as it means you can see everything that’s going on. You study each of us. You’ve especially taken an interest in how we eat. You like to be sat at the table with us so you can be part of dinner and you watch from my lap. Paisley’s lap baby has become very handy for this.
We haven’t started weaning you yet. I think perhaps we will start on Christmas day. But if you want to eat before that, just let me know. Don’t worry, I’ll help you. We all will.

Anyway, like I said… I just wanted to apologise for sometimes making you wait. You have patience in abundance. Right now you are waking from your nap so I’m coming to get you. Happy 5 months, baby girl x

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  • Reply Claire November 17, 2017 at 10:23 pm

    This is so beautiful. I hope she reads this when she’s older. I hope they all read your posts. They are so beautifully written and filled with love.

    • Reply Leslie Rickerby November 19, 2017 at 9:16 pm

      I hope they especially read the letters. I write them a birthday letter each every year 🙂

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