Bridget 4 month update

October 29, 2017

I’m a little late to the game on this one. Having three children is starting to catch up with me. And I think that’s mainly because Bridget is now on the move. Gone are the days where I could put her down and she would stay where I left her. She can shuffle around in circles, roll on to her front and has occasionally rolled on to her back too.
Once they start moving, it gets harder..!

Let’s get Physical

Bridget has definitely become a lot more active over the last month. Not only does she now move, she is awake a lot more, she has a strong grasp and is able to pull things towards her. She is able to focus on something, pick it up and put it towards her mouth. Bridget has also discovered both her hands and her feet and is almost always holding on to them or chewing her fingers. She loves to fall asleep sucking her thumb, too.

It’s clear that she is growing well. Her chunky little leg rolls are so gorgeous and she is certainly filling out. She wears 3-6 month clothes and size 2 nappies. Her neck is a lot stronger and she is able to look around and recognise people across the room. Well, me at least. She is starting to smile for Dexter and Paisley, which is cute. Dexter is especially happy with this as it’s almost as if she’s becoming a real person to him now. Paisley is my little comedienne so she just thinks Bridget is funny.

She has become very dribbly lately and enjoys blowing spit bubbles so I’m wondering if there are any teeth on the way. She has been a bit whinier in the evenings so it’s possible.


She has just started sleeping through the night. Both Dexter and Paisley slept through by at least 3 months, possibly earlier, and then with both, we had a 4-month sleep regression and now between them, we always end up with at least one of them waking up and coming in our bed. So I’m hoping that because it’s taken 4 months for her to actually get to this point, we might miss the sleep regression altogether. I’m cry-laughing here because I think I’m kidding myself and I’m destined to have non-sleepers.


Still feeding well. We’ve been cluster feeding most evenings because she just likes to moan at me and sometimes it is hard work because I feel like she’s just always on me. Like I cant get away from her. I have to put her down and get up for a bit to walk around. make a brew, eat some junk, that sort of thing and then go back to her. Sort of like a recharge. Then I’m fine and can handle it better. But the main thing is she is feeding well and she is happy.
She no longer has to compete with Paisley anymore either. I stopped feeding Paisley this month which broke my heart because she still often asked for ‘booboo’, despite going a couple of days here and there without it but it was just too hard to tandem feed and she kept trying to push Bridget away or crush her. We did well though, just under 22 months and 3 of those were tandem feeding too. I only fed Dexter for 11 months.


Well, Dexter loves Bridget to bits but with him just starting school he’s got a lot going on so I’m trying to fit him in some one-to-one time with reading and things but he’ll often ask to hold Bridget and when she’s on her mat, he’ll get down to her level and talk to her. He also helps by bringing me nappies and stuff too.
Paisley always brings Bridget a blanket or a toy whether she needs one or not so I’m thinking I might get her a doll and pram for Christmas. She loves to copy and when we went out the other day, she found a baby walker and was pushing it about for ages. She would not give it up so I think she’ll really enjoy that.
Annnd Liam and I are enjoying being a family of 5. We’re starting to make more plans now that we know we are done with the baby making. Starting with this Christmas which is going to be magical. 




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