Bridget at 3 months

September 15, 2017

Bridget turned 3 months old today and I think I’m holding her back a bit.
I know you shouldn’t compare but by this age, Paisley seemed so much more active and aware of things. I guess it’s because when Pais was born, Dexter was older than Pais is to Bridget so he understood a lot more. Which meant I was able to put her on the floor and let her play on her mat. But with Paisley still not even two, and also being a lot more boisterous, I can’t just put Bridget down. I have to have eyes on them all the time. Otherwise, Paisley tries to pick her up, or play with her like a doll or poke her in the eyes etc. Poor Bridget!


Bridget still sleeps in her next2me crib with the side down, right next to me. On average, she still wakes up once a night for a feed but she doesn’t wake anybody else up but me so it’s fine. Other than that, she sleeps so soundly in one of her many sleeping bags and gro bags.

Loves her naps on Mummy. Just like Paisley and Dexter used to.


Cluster feeding in the evening is getting a bit ‘Urrghhhhh’. I mean, it’s fine, and we’re both coping well with it but sometimes I need to put her down and walk away for 5 mins and have a chance to have a break. This normally results in me putting my head in the fridge and filling up on crap. Not doing anything for my waistline, that’s for sure. but it refocuses me and I’m then able to carry one with feeding her.
She feeds well, but her latch isn’t as good as Paisley’s was. I often have to take her off and re-latch so she’s not the most efficient feeder. But she’s happy and gaining weight so I’m not worried.

In her pram


Slowly, we are starting to see more of Bridget’s personality coming out. She’s especially smiley in the morning. I roll over and look at her, say hello and then the biggest grin spreads across her face. It reminds me of someone but I can’t place it. I’m not sure if it’s my smile from old baby photos or if it’s one of my sister’s smiles but it’s so familiar and so happy.
She loves to grab things now and has a really good grasp. She loves to grab my hair and if Liam still had his beard, she’d be practically swinging off it.
As I said at the top, Didge doesn’t get to play much while Paisley is around but when she does, she loves it. We haven’t explored tummy time much and the first couple of times we did it, she wasn’t impressed at all but she is coming round to it.

What else?

She still has the brown spot in her iris, which I absolutely love. It’s so unique.
She loves bath time. She is adored by her brother and sister and Dexter tries so much to make her giggle… She isn’t quite there yet but makes some wonderful gurgling noises. She is just going into 3-6 month clothes. Oh, and she has a little bald patch on the back of her head. 

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