Bridget at 2 months old

August 15, 2017

Mum of three. My own little tribe. It’s fair to say I’m loving it. Yes, there are hard days. Of course, there are but oh my word, these little humans just make me smile.
But it all goes so fast, doesn’t it? I mean, already, our little Bridget is 2 months old. We are already past the point of seeing first smiles for the last time. Another milestone has been and gone. Savour every moment, time is fleeting.

So, as I said, we’ve had her first smiles and they are truly a beautiful thing to behold. She looks straight at me when she gives them and they warm my insides. Paisley is besotted with her. Always wanting to hold her and kiss her. Dexter loves her too but he is going through his own thing at the moment so isn’t so obsessed. But he does like to lie with her and cuddle her.

Later this week, Bridget will have her first jabs. I’m not looking forward to it but at least this time I can be prepared enough to take some Calpol with me. Poor little thing, I already feel for her. 

Bridget has a wonderful grip. Mainly on my hair but sometimes my clothes and she has been known to get a fistful of boob.

She weighs 11lb on the button on our bathroom scales. I weigh her myself and if you’ve ever read any of the other two’s updates, you’ll know this is because in this house ‘we don’t do health visitors’ or we do health visitors as much as Trev and Simon do duvets! And if you get that reference… well, ermmmm…. yeah!

Bridget’s eyes are still blue, although her left eye has a sort of brown spot in it. It fascinates me. I can’t help but stare at it. You can see in the picture below but it’s much clearer if you look at it in real life.

As you also can probably tell from that picture, she is still breastfed. Feeding is going very well, and very much on demand. Paisley is loving all my extra milk too but I’m trying to reduce her feeds a bit. She’s just so big and heavy and whenever I feed Didge, she wants to join in and ends up crushing her.

Night time isn’t so bad either. She sleeps next to me (you can read our Chicco Next2Me Dream: Review here) so I pretty much dream feed her and put her back. It’s so easy and it means these newborn days aren’t as hard and tiring as is common. In all honesty, Dexter and Paisley cause more sleepless nights than Bridget does.

I’ve not managed to get any decent pictures of the three of them together just yet but I really miss joining in with The Siblings Project so I’m really hoping to get back into that soon. Now that our family is complete, I’d also like to have a family photo shoot. One with all 5 of us together. I’ve never wanted one before because I’ve always felt that there would be people missing but now that all of my babies are here, I think it’s time we got one sorted. And yes, our family is most definitely complete. Liam has had a vasectomy so there will be no more horrendous pregnancies for this mama and no more Baby Rickerbys to introduce.
I didn’t think I had much to write in this update so I’ll leave it there for now. Wish us luck for her jabs, and please come back next month for her 3-month update x


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