Back to school with Debenhams

August 14, 2018

Dexter is heading back to school with Debenhams uniform range.

So… Dexter has completed the reception year at school and one thing I have learnt is how much kids grow and get mucky!  We’ve no chance of using any of his school uniform from last year, his trousers divorced his ankles and married his knees and his white shirts came home blacker than the ace of spades! I suppose I should be grateful they made it home at all, considering his jacket never did! Luckily for us, we’ve been invited to go ‘back to school with Debenhams‘ as they have allowed us to select some items from their range of uniform for us to review for you which, I’ll be honest… has saved us a bit of money!

Selecting our back to school essentials.

As mentioned above… Dexter lost his jacket on a trip to the zoo. It was getting ever so slightly too small so would have needed replacing anyway but I was still a bit annoyed. So, the first thing I looked at was a new jacket for him. He has a thick winter coat so I wanted something lightweight and waterproof for these summer rain days that we’ve been having recently. 

I was impressed to find this Regatta waterproof, breathable navy jacket that was £20, knocked down from £50. It’s exactly what I was looking for and fits him really well. 

Navy Regatta Jacket in the Back to school with Debenhams range
Dexter loves is new Regatta Jacket

Dexter has the choice of either white or green shirts for his school uniform and after seeing the state his white ones came home in last year, I’ve opted to go for green this year. Debenhams don’t have green (they do have white, blue and red) so I’ve decided to get those and his jumpers from somewhere else.

6 pairs of grey boys school trousers from the Debenhams back to 'cool' range.
5 days a week.. and one or luck! 6 pairs of trousers from the Debenhams back to ‘cool’ range.

I selected 6 pairs of trousers which were in packs of 2 for £8.80. That way we have one for every day of the week and a spare pair for when I’m behind on the laundry (That’ll be all the time then..!)

Best foot forward

School shoes are something he will spend a lot of his time in. 6 hours a day, 5 days a week – so I decided against ordering shoes online. Not specifically from Debenhams, but online in general. I would rather him try them on, walk around in them and try a few different pairs to make sure they fit him properly and are comfortable, so we will be buying those closer to the start of the new term. I did manage to order him some plimsoles as we struggled to find any last year. These are pretty standard in design wherever you look so I was happy to order these. Debenhams have a unisex pair of black plimsoles for just £6.40. Perfect!

Unisex black plimsoles neatly shown on a rolled bed throw. Only £6.40
Unisex plimsoles. Only £6.40

Back to school Underwear

The final part of our selection came from the back to school underwear. For Dexter, we chose 2 packs of boxers. These are grey, navy and white and cost £4.40. We also ordered a pack of 5 pairs of grey socks for Dexter, along with some vests and tights for Paisley. 

Underwear for the new school (and preschool) year.

Back to cool?

We were given the opportunity to choose what we would like in the Debenhams back to school range. Dexter is now sorted for underwear, trousers, plimsoles and a jacket and we had a bit spare to get Paisley some underwear too. Debenhams have a decent range of school uniform available and I found it easy to navigate their site and place my order. The order arrived quickly via Hermes and I was kept informed of the journey process via email and text.

So far I’m happy with the selection we chose and I’m looking forward to seeing how they fair over the school year. Whilst this blog post is part of a Debenhams back to school campaign, I must point out that views and images are my own

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