Back in the saddle – Rejoining Slimming World.

September 27, 2016

If you follow me on other social media, you may have noticed more food-related pictures sneaking in. That’s because I have jumped back in the saddle and rejoined slimming world. Well, last week I sort of led the horse around the paddock a bit but as from today, I’m off with a gallop! I’m sorry, I don’t know where that appalling metaphor came from.sw1

For my first week, I actually found it quite hard to get back in to. Not because I don’t understand it or anything, but because I sort of forget that I’ve rejoined and then eat things without thinking about it. Then, when I realise and count my syns I’ve messed it up or I’ve forgotten to count something.
Not only that, I rejoined on the last week of the month when we have little food left and couldn’t really meal plan effectively.
Then, of course, there was last Saturday when we were in the hospital with Dexter for almost the entire day and by the time we got home I thought ‘Screw it, I’m having a kebab!’

Still, It’s not all negative. Even with all that I still managed to lose 2.5lbs. The first time I joined I lost 4lbs in both of my first 2 weeks so got my half stone award almost straight away.
I’d like to do the same this time too so that it really gives me a big boost and encourages me.

So… With 2.5lbs down, that means I have 4.5lb to go to get it… and that is my aim for this week!
I know it’s achievable if I stick to plan, eat plenty of speed food and measure things properly.

Tonight, our food shopping gets delivered. There is plenty of good stuff to go at but one thing I am really looking forward to is experimenting and finding some really delicious meals and treats that we can all enjoy as a family – Like this low-syn super, awesome take on an Eton mess. I used a Muller Mullerlight Fat-free Greek Style Yoghurt Sublime Strawberry flavour for half a syn, a Tesco finest meringue nest for 2.5 syns and then a handful of chopped strawberries. Oh. My. Word. So delicious and just 3 syns! (you can add different fruits to make it more speedy and use a ‘free’ yoghurt too to make it even better)heaven

Tonight we are having steak. I’ll be having mine with loads of scrummy salad and the steaks are actually from muscle foods so are super lean making them free!
I can’t wait to see how I get on next week. What are your favourite meals or your super sweet treats that you just can’t resist? I’d love to know so I can try something new. Wish me luck for next week 🙂

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