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Posterlounge Giveaway

In my last post, I told you about going from working on the sofa surrounded my stuff, to now working in a designated space – with a desk built by my husband and an area adorned with posters from poster lounge. You can read…

April 20, 2019
Reviews / Giveaways

Home office space with Posterlounge

Disclaimer: Contains gifted products – opinions an photos are my own. Up until very recently, all of my work was done sitting on the sofa with my laptop resting on my knees, hunched over in my hoody and not very comfortable. To my side…

April 19, 2019

How can I make homework more fun?

How can I make homework more fun? In most households the word homework can have negative connotations and lead your children to dread it! However as we all know it’s a vital part of school life and needs to be done. So how can…

April 15, 2019

Becoming a Work From Home Mum – 6 months on

The end of last month marked 6 months since I quit my job to become a work from home parent. It was my plan to do this for so long but the convenience of my job meant I stayed there much longer than I…

April 11, 2019

CAPCOM Go! – The Apollo Story

On Saturday, we were invited along to the premiere of CAPCOM Go!, a new film showing in the planetarium at the National Space Centre. We had never been to the National Space Centre before so we were really looking forward to exploring all of…

April 9, 2019

Easy Ways to Boost your Energy During the Day

If you want to boost your energy in the day then you have nothing to worry about. It’s very easy to do and by following the below tips, you can be sure to notice a huge difference! *This is a collaborative post* Control Stress…

April 9, 2019

A Look Back on… March 2019

Well, so far I’m not doing too bad on these monthly posts. This is my third one this year and I’m really enjoying writing them and looking back.This month we’ve done lots of things and nothing at the same time. Have a scroll through…

March 31, 2019

How to create a better life for yourself

It can be common to feel like you’re stuck in a rut from time to time. Life can be full of so many special moments and brilliant opportunities, but if you’re unhappy with where you are in life, it can be difficult to see…

March 29, 2019
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Teamsterz Micro Motorz

Collectible and surprise toys are definitely on the rise. With children both loving opening them themselves and also watching others open them on YouTube. Back when I was a child there were pogs, trolls and beanie babies but these days the collectables are more…

March 22, 2019
Reviews / Giveaways

The New Smyths Baby Catalogue

*Collaborative Post* There are so many people having babies all of a sudden, or so it seems and it can be overwhelming when it comes to knowing what baby items are essentials and what is just nice to have. Luckily, the new Smyths catalogue…

March 21, 2019