Army Themed Tuff Spot Tray set up

February 22, 2018

As part of my ongoing role as a BRBlogger, Baker Ross regularly send a box of goodies for the kids. Often crafts, but more recently, I was sent a bunch of items that would make some awesome sensory and learning play set ups. Within the box, were some products from their Naturals range.

I had a couple of ideas in mind of what to use them for, but watching Dexter playing with his Bucket o’ Soldiers, I was hit by a flash of inspiration. So we set to work quickly, building a small world ‘Army Man’ tuff spot.

Grass samples, Army men, and some stones, canes and moss from BakerRoss. All laid out in a tuff spot tray

Grass samples, Army men, and some goodies from BakerRoss

I used a few things I already had such as some green bubble wrap, black playdough (to hold things in place), the bucket o’ soldiers (of course) and some artificial grass samples that had arrived that morning, along with some pebbles, small canes and moss from Baker Ross. We then set to work creating a little landscape. We laid the grass patches out in different areas and then built some small hides and walls for the army men to hide behind.

I did have to rebuild it at one point as Paisley fell on it, but Dexter played with it for ages and then when Liam came home, they both played together too. So that was sweet

2 army men hiding behind a wall made of small canes stood in black playdough. one has a grenade, one is a sniper.

Grenades and Snipers!

If you wanted to create your own setup, similar to this, I have a discount code for all of my readers, enabling you to get 25% off. Just enter LESLIE25  at the check out for the discount to be applied.

We also made a small video if you wanted to see it in action.
What small world have you had in your tuff spots recently? Let me know in the comments. We love playing in our tray. Why don’t you join in our hashtag on Instagram for all your TuffSpot picture?. Just add #PlayInTheTray  and I’ll find it. 🙂

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