Areas a Professional Bookkeeper Takes Out of Your Daily Work

September 3, 2020

Running a business is hard work no matter the industry and the financial side is a completely separate animal to work with.

Many small business owners can handle the day to day running of a business but as that business grows, so too does the amount of daily financial burden which can result in stressful situations if you need to take time away from your business to figure out.

So many smart business owners turn to a reliable bookkeeping service to handle their financials and better prepare themselves for working with their accountant for year ends. Here are some areas that bookkeeping services provide a help with:

Accounts Payable

Spending money in your business can seem like a painful exercise and keeping track of it even more so. Accounts payable establishes a clear view of every penny spent when owing to bills and invoices ensuring that no payments are missed or worse, paid more than once.

Accounts Receivable

AR is the opposite of payable wherein you track receivables from the sale of a product or service. This helps you to keep on top of any payments due to your company from a client or customer and be able to accurately invoices or bills.


Cash accounts are still a simple way to record cash payments, withdrawals and deposits. The ability to track your financial activity from all passing business transactions from a cash account makes it a much easier process in transcribing and collating all information you will need for your business.

Loans Payable

If you have borrowed money for your business for buying equipment, furnishings or even a company vehicle, these expenses fall under a loans payable account which will track your due payments as well as records your payments made.


You need to keep an accurate rolling record of any goods you buy for your business and is a big part of balancing your books. Accurately calculating costs of goods sold by subtracting from sales amounts to find business gross profit is the difference in a solid running business.


Should you employ people this is among your chief costs to the business and the biggest area for your books. Keeping this area smoothly running and up to date is vital to tax reporting. You don’t want the taxman knocking at your door if this area is ignored or improperly reported.

Retained Earnings

Tracking company profits that are reinvested into the company appear as a running total of money you have retained since the business began. This helps you to witness the company strength and is highlighted by bookkeeping services as a sign of competent business growth.

Bookkeeping is a necessity in sustaining strong company success and employing a bookkeeper Manchester to enable your business to progress to the next level without being weighed down by financials.

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