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March 21, 2014

Panic over about the breastfeeding….
I went away to London for a few days. I didn’t bother taking my breast pump as (like I’ve mentioned in previous posts), I cant seem to express more than an ounce (if that) no matter how long I do it. However, while I was away, I gave hand expressing a go. I didn’t think it would make much difference but it really did! In fact it was better than using the pump.
I didn’t keep any of it. I had nowhere to store it and besides, I’d been drinking with friends while I had the opportunity so it was a case of do it in the shower, pump and dump (glamorous, right?) But at least it meant my milk supply stayed up.
Since being home, I’ve just continued to feed Dexter as normal and at the moment, he doesn’t have any teeth bursting through, so he isn’t biting either!
He has still been having some formula. I figured it makes sense to carry on with the odd bottle here and there but I’m going to try and increase my milk so that hopefully I can express enough for him to have an evening feed of ebm whilst I’m at work in the evenings (when I go back in a couple of weeks) and then we can get rid of the formula altogether

Success! All that fuss, worry and torment over nothing.

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