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My name is Leslie. I’m a mum of three amazing but wild children, living in Peterborough, UK

With my blog, I help parents teach their children valuable life skills so that they encourage independence and build confident, happy people.

I started this blog when I discovered I was 21 weeks pregnant with my now 4-year-old son, Dexter. At first, it was a way to document what was going on. It evolved to capture the fun activities and sensory play we did together, what he learnt and how he developed.
Eventually, our family grew and we welcomed our now 2-year-old, Paisley and our baby girl, Bridget.

Dexter and Paisley meeting Bridget for the first time


Before the girls were born, I spent so much time with Dexter trying to give him the best experiences I could.
We don’t have a lot of money but that didn’t stop me from taking him out exploring the woods or the parks and gardens. I wanted to teach him everything I could.
When the girls were born, this need to expand their minds exploded and since then I’ve been set on teaching them invaluable life skills.

As a parent, I feel it is not only our job but our responsibility to teach our children everything we can about the world we live in and how to navigate it.

I don’t care if they go to university or if they drop out of school the first chance they get and run off and join a circus. What I do care about is that they are happy. That they are compassionate people. That they are confident in themselves.

I want them to be able to tie their own laces. Put on a tie and boil an egg. I want them to learn the art of conversation and respect other cultures.
To know that if there is something that they can’t do or haven’t done before, it doesn’t mean they won’t ever be able to, but that they can take charge and find out how to do it for themselves.

So what can you expect to find here?

At the moment, Dexter is in his first year at school so you’ll be able to find posts such as this one on how to teach your child tricky words or what to expect at your first parents evening.

Paisley is now at preschool as she has just turned two. You’ll find lots of updates on here as they all reach different milestones such as this one I wrote for her second birthday, or this update on how Bridget was getting on when she hit 10 months.

With this parenting malarkey, comes the opportunity to try out new products so there will also be reviews like this one of the pushchair we’ve been using for about a year, or our favourite weaning products

Ok, so what else?

But that’s not all.

As I said, I want to help you to teach your children life skills. Things that generally aren’t taught in school.

Ok, so your child might be a whizz at algebra, but can they make you a cup of tea on Mother’s Day?

Can they tie their own laces?

Can they ride a bike without stabilisers?

Do they understand important things like why we vote and have elections? Why some people have 2 mummies and some have none? Or why we don’t drop our rubbish on the floor?

And more importantly, do you know how to teach these things to your children?



Don’t worry, I’m here to help you.

As my children grow and these issues come up, I will be doing my best to teach all of these important lifeskills to my children and helping you to do the same with yours.

I want to be confident that when it comes time for my children to leave home, that I have done the best I can to help them take flight.

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  • Reply Julie Kelly February 25, 2017 at 8:22 pm

    Love reading your blogs. In today’s chaotic society that sometimes seems so rushed and unconsidered it’s good to see there are people that think the way you guys do. Embracing the world, it’s cultures and focusing on what really matters xx

  • Reply Claire February 26, 2017 at 12:08 pm

    Your blog is great! I really enjoying catching up with you guys and all the lovely photos you out up. X

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