A Look Back on… May 2019

May 31, 2019

Another month has passed us by, I’m not sure where this year is going but I’d really like it so slow down thank you please! – That said, I do like May because it has 2 bank holidays, a half term and of course my birthday

We started the month chasing our stupid cat, Darwin, around our old street. We’ve not lived there for 4 years but once a year he’ll take himself off on a wander and end up lost back there! People know he is our cat because he’s very distinctive. He sort of reminds me of General Woundwort from Watership down. Darwin is blind in one eye, has been for years and he was born with a broken tail, so when people first come across him, he looks a right sorry state and he ends up all over facebook as people worry about him. He’s a cantankerous git but he’s our cantankerous git so of course we go out with his food and the cat box and bring him home again. It’s always the same sort of time every year and he goes straight back to the old house.

The first bank holiday weekend, we had tickets to TruckFest which is a big event that’s been happening at the East of England Showground in Peterborough for years. They have lots of decorated trucks, monster trucks, motorbike stunts and often celebrities. We had free tickets as I was an affiliate leading up to the event but honestly, if we’d paid for them, I’d have been disappointed. It was kinda boring. We saw Swampthing ride over some cars and a couple of motorbikes jump over some ramps and do tricks but the rest of it was dull as dishwater. There were some pretty nice looking vintage cars but nothing to write home about. We only stayed for about an hour or so and I certainly wouldn’t go again.

Vintage cars at Truckfest. About as exciting as it got

On Wednesday afternoons, Dexter and I went to sewing club at his school for a few weeks. I was a small course that ran for a couple of hours a week over about 4 sessions. I really expected it to be more teaching techniques and things but it was pretty much a case of here are some bits, sew them together. SO we did, and Dexter enjoyed it but I think it could have been better. I decided instead I’d teach him at home to use my sewing machine and we’d make whatever we wanted. We did make this owl though and a bag that Dexter is really impressed with.

Sewing an owl at sewing club

Liam was pushed way out of his comfort zone when a local video production company, Reckless Abandon Media, came to film a short video of him in his workshop. The video is intended to be used to promote The Hackspace, a new maker space coming to Peterborough (I will tell you more about this another time because it’s very exciting!) This is one of the stills from the footage. Look how happy he is, talking about his craft and his passion. I’m super proud of him for pushing himself to do this. I’ve seen a clip of the video and will show you when it’s finished. I’ve been asked if I want to film one too so I’ll let you know on that one.

Looking the part – So proud of this hardworking man.
Photo Credit: Reckless Abandon Media

Next up was my birthday, and we were invited to spend the day at the National Space Centre with the PJ Masks for their Small Space Day.  
We watched live shows, made kinetic moon sand, had lunch under a rocket and the kids received some brilliant goody bags. They had a great time and all slept in the car on the way home.

mum and 2 young children standing with pj masks characters in costumes
PJ Masks all shout hooray, cause in the night we saved the day!

That night, I decided to go a little crazy and dye my hair. I’ve dyed it bright and funky colours in the past and loved it – until some moody mare in HR where I used to work took a disliking to it and change the dress code policy. I swore to myself as soon as I left that place I’d redo it. It took almost 7 months but it feels great to have my crazy hair back. I used some money that I’d got for my birthday to do it and my sister, Olivia pretty much stayed all evening to do it all for me. My only issue is the colours aren’t as vivid as I’d hoped so I’m going to try a different brand when I’ve used this bunch up.


With Liam’s random shift patterns, we are still very much enjoying more family time together and actually make an effort to get out of the house more.
We took an aimless drive and ended up at Southey Woods where we looked at tracks in the mud, played hide and seek in the trees, watched a line of ants, looked for insects in tree bark and took in the fresh air.

2 adults and 3 children sat on a tree trunk in the woods
Out of focus family portrait
father, son and daughter looking at the mud trying to decipher animal tracks
Looking at tracks in the woods

There were plenty of trips to the park after school this month. The weather just called for it and it’s so lovely not having to rush home anymore. I’m going to make it a regular occurrence on a Friday pm, I think to take a walk a little out of our way to a nicer park and perhaps get ice lollies on the way. The kids will absolutely love it and it does us all so much good to be outside.

3 children sat on a basket swing with grass and trees behind them
Siblings that swing together

But it wasn’t just the park that had us spending time outside. We had walks, and bike rides and even did a bit of snail racing in the back garden.

Snails on a table outside in a garden, 2 children watching them
Snail Racing

Dexters birthday is in a few days so Liam took him and his best mate to the cinema. While they were out, I took the girls to a local farm as children were free for the day. They all had a blast and it was a lovely way to end the month.

The girls on the tractor at Sacrewell Farm

So what did you get up to in May? Did you do anything nice for half term? Let me know in the comments. X

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