A Look Back on… March 2019

March 31, 2019

Well, so far I’m not doing too bad on these monthly posts. This is my third one this year and I’m really enjoying writing them and looking back.
This month we’ve done lots of things and nothing at the same time.
Have a scroll through and see how we’ve spent our time in March 2019

Dexter started the month well by having a reward assembly at school. He was presented with a ‘smile award’ for “Being a brilliant scientist, historian and mathematician” his teachers have also been impressed with his hand writing.

We’ve taken to reading more entertaining books. School reading books just don’t interest him which means he struggles to read them

Sometimes he is such hard work but then he gets things like this and really makes me proud. It’s nice to see our STEM involvement paying off too. He really enjoys science and maths and having a chance to build and create things. I really must look at more ways to encourage that love in him.

This month we won a new basket swing for the garden which the kids are loving! The warmer weather we’ve been having has really helped us enjoy the garden.

All three of them love our new basket swing. Bridget even took a nap in it

Liam and I took a trip to a wood yard in Essex. It was our first visit there and the owner was really friendly and helpful. It’s so lovely to see Liam in his element talking about different wood species and making plans for his business.

For about a week we were struck down with a horrid sickness bug – it’s never fun to clean up sick when you’re being sick yourself but the extra cuddles were lovely. Once it was starting to clear up and fade away we went for a walk to get some fresh air, blew away the cobwebs and had a good splash about in the puddles.

Mid month saw my littlest sister turn 19 so it was round to mums for tea and cake. The kids got to catch up with their cousins which is always funny to watch. After Paisley was born in the January, my sister had a baby girl the following October, another sister had a baby girl in the following February and then I had Bridget in the June so there are 4 girls aged between 1 and 3 – and their personalities and the cute way the interact is lovely to see.

Cousins – Paisley, Aria and Alice being watched by Liver-er (Olivia) and Nanny

The girls and I had a lovely explorative walk in the woods last week. We looked at bugs, spotted squirrels and took time to smell the flowers. I love having the time to get the kids out into nature so they can learn about what goes on around them. It’s nice for Bridget to be able to have a stroll too. When we do the school runs we’re normally in a bit of a rush so it’s much easier to put her in the buggy but it’s lovely to se her copying her older siblings, picking up sticks and spotting planes in the sky

And lastly, this weekend, I enjoyed my time volunteering at the FIRST LEGO League Jr Tournament, held by the STEM festival team. Dexter came along with me and we were both really impressed by the work of the teams and the Lego builds.

Of course, Sunday was Mother’s Day and the kids got me a litter picker. An odd present, some might say but I’ve wanted one for ages and I even have some velcro straps to hold it to the buggy. It’s going to be great to use when we’re out and about and the kids want to play somewhere that’s less than tidy. I honestly don’t see why people can’t put their own rubbish in the bin and leave it around for others. Still, at least I can do something about it safely now. Not only that, it’s going to be good for teaching the kids to take responsibility for their surroundings and environment. The rest of Mother’s Day was spend sorting out the garden and entertaining my mum, nan and sister.

So that was March. How did it treat you? Did you get up to anything fun?

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