A Look Back on… February 2019

February 28, 2019

Ah February, you’ve been a strange old month. Lot’s of promises of work that never materialised, freaky summer weather, sooooooo many trips to the park. Hospital visits that felt a bit sci-fi and I’ve fallen back in love with the STEM festival. (I never fell out of love with it, I just took a backseat while I was ill)

So firstly, let’s be British shall we and talk about the weather. I mean, it has been nothing short of glorious this last week and a bit – I’ve had washing on the line (helpful considering my dryer broke recently) and we’ve had so many trips to the park. We even downloaded that Pokemon Go app that everyone loved about 2 years ago. But I’m kind of concerned… It’s February.
This time last year we had snow. I feel like this fake spring that we’ve had will lure the plants into budding early and bring animals out of hibernation before they’re ready, which obviously can’t be good.

Road to recovery

I’ve had what I hope will be my last hospital visit. Well, the last one with any sort of procedure at least. I know there will be checkups and a scan at some point before I’m fully discharged but I already feel so much better now. I’m not constantly sulking about the pain I’m in so of course, I’m instantly happier – an that makes a big difference to everything else. I feel like February was actually the start of our new year and waiting for all of this to be over was the end of last year carried over. Does that make sense? 2019 can start now. I’m ready for it.

Park Life

And what better way to start the year than with trips to the park after school, eating chips out of the paper for dinner on a bench and chasing anime characters around the streets of Peterborough?
We’ve been to Ferry Meadows, Hinchingbrooke Country Park and all of the little play areas around where we live

Birthday Boy

We also spent a well earned evening at the pub catching up with friends for Liam’s birthday. It felt good to get out and have a couple of drinks for a change – It’s been a while, that’s for sure.

Same time next month?

So what’s on the agenda for next month?
I’ve got a fair bit of work on with helping organise Peterborough STEM Festival, I’m going to be upping my pitch game for my own work and getting all my little blog jobs done while I’m not so busy (#NeverNotWorking)
But aside from work, I also want to

  • Make more of a conscious effort to keep the house clean
  • Reconnect with friends I’ve put off seeing while I’ve been ill.
  • Make a start on the garden so that the kids can start enjoying it more over the coming months – Speaking of – Can you recommend a good cat poo deterrent? I know, It’s all glamour here!

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  • Reply Rebecca @Hamilton Billiards March 11, 2019 at 2:23 pm

    Yeah February went by in a flash. I admit it had a lot of good times but still this year is going too fast.

    • Reply Leslie Rickerby March 13, 2019 at 8:20 pm

      Absolutely! So fast!

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