A Look Back on… April 2019

April 30, 2019

April had some glorious weather, didn’t it? Absolutely beautiful.
Looking back, I think most of our spare time was spent outside – or in the very least – together.
At the start of the month, Paisley had a preschool taster session. She absolutely loved it and was asking me and Liam to go home after just a little while. It was great to see her in the setting where she was so confident straight away.

Making mud pies on her preschool taster day

We had plenty to do during the Easter holidays. The first day was spent at the Space centre where we were invited along to review the new planetarium show, CAPCOM Go! The National Space Centre is a fabulously educational day out for the whole family but especially for the children. It’s one of those places that has been set up deliberately so that they can touch and poke and prod and play with all of the exhibits. There are buttons to push, walls to do rubbings, costumes to put on, puzzles to do trail hunts to do and so much more. Plus if you pay for your entry, you can upgrade it for an annual pass for free!

Picture shows a clip from the CAPCOM Go! movie being shown on a domed screen to an audience inside a planetarium
Viewing CAPCOM Go! in the planetarium at the National Space Centre

While the weather was so glorious, we enjoyed a couple of visits to Ferry Meadows. We’re so lucky to have this place, practically on our doorstep. Ferry Meadows is a beautiful country park with lakes, a miniature ride on railway, a few parks, lots of wooded areas and there is so much you can do from bringing your own picnics, using the many barbecues, eating in the cafes. You can go fishing, go and check out the bird hides, take a nature walk in the woods, fly kites, play football, camp, and so much more.
We actually spent two days doing something we’ve not actually done there before – We built 2 amazing dens and climbed some pretty big trees!

Rickerby Den Version 1
Rickerby Den – Version 2.0

We took along a disposable barbecue with us too for one of the days and had hotdogs in the woods, which was great fun. It reminded me, I really want to start working our way through the National Trust’s list of things to do before you’re 11 and 3/4s. It’s such a great list and is perfect for teaching kids life skills and all about nature. It really gets them out and about.

Dexter and I have recently become affiliates for a STEM subscription box. I am actually considering adding a STEM category to my blog as a lot of my content is starting to head that way now. I’d love to know your thoughts on that. Is that something you’d read? Anyway, our STEM subscription box is basically a monthly box that gets sent with three different activities for us to do together. There is a great little handbook in each one that had puzzles and games in too. Our first box was all about geology so we learnt a bit about crystallisation, how rocks form and where stalactites come from. You can read the review here. Please do give it some love!

picture shows a weekend boxclub booklet and three sealed paper bags containing activities
A look insode the new STEM subscription box from the Weekend Box Club. Each box has a different theme and contains all you need for the three activities along with a handy booklet of instructions and puzzles

And then, at the end of the Easter holiday, Pais started preschool. Her first day was fantastic. She got a little upset about going on days 2,3 and 4 but since then goes in quite happily and is excited to play with her friends – although she can’t tell me anyone’s name yet. She is so proud when she comes out with a sticker and was really eager to tell me about the colouring she’s done and what snack she had. Dexter always struggled to settle at preschool so it’s very refreshing to see her settle in so well.

That’s the kids’ news. Liam and I didn’t really do anything else. Oh, apart from I took on the role of STEM Round-up editor for BritMums. My first roundup was all based on Earth Day and you can read it here.

So that’s all for this month. Do come back soon to see what we get up to in May xx

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