A letter to Dexter on your 6th Birthday.

June 4, 2019

I wanted to always write you these letters. I want both of us to be able to look back on your life and see the chances in you documented and cherished. My first born, you seem often conflicted and confused and I wish I could help you navigate this crazy world better.

3 children sat on a basket swing
Siblings that swing together

You spend so much of your time at school these days, I often feel as though they get to see the best of you. When you come home, your brain and your body are tired and we become your safe space to off load meaning we get the brunt of it all.

You have your favourite subjects – and your least favourite. I struggle to get you to enjoy reading and often this causes you to not like me very much but we’ll get there with that. You’re more artistic – you like to create things and craft things. You always want me to keep a pile of rubbish to craft with and love drawing pictures of your inventions – first and second and often third drafts! You enjoy science and maths and have a fairly logical mind. On a recent trip to the woods, you enjoyed looking at tracks in the mud, trying to figure out what animal made them and what direction they were travelling in. We’ve also been enjoying some time together at a sewing club. Seeing you decide on aspects of a project and then bring it to life has been great and made me appreciate your mind more

Sewing an owl at sewing club

You love your sisters dearly and if they are hurt, you check on them, without being asked, but my god do you wind each other up. I can’t leave you in a room together without something kicking off.

father, son and daughter looking at the mud trying to decipher animal tracks
Looking at horse tracks in the woods

You love being outside and always want to go to the park after school. You understand the importance of not dropping litter and often help me pick up after other people on the school runs. You have a kind soul but are often led by others, including tv shows and your classmates on subjects like girl toys and boy toys, etc.
As much as I want you to grow up without labels, I can’t control the influence that others have on your opinions. All I can try and do is guide you and hope that I can show you right from wrong, and how to work out opinions from facts.

Rickerby Den – Version 2.0

I’m looking forward to seeing how you develop over the next year. In September you start you last year in infant school and I’m excited to see how much it changes you, being amongst the older kids in the school. Seeing you learn to read and write when you first started was amazing and I can’t wait to see how you progress.

You seem to have lost a fair few of your baby teeth all at once with your adult ones pushing them out, so at the moment you look cutely gappy and a little like a vampire if I’m honest…
But they’ll soon grow back. just another sign that you are growing up before our eyes.

Gappy toothy grin

Happy Birthday Dexter, both me and your Daddy hope you have a truly lovely day celebrating.

We love you endlessly,

Mum and Dad

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