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May 24, 2018

Fathers day. I never really understood it as a kid. You get Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, when was Childs day? Yet if you ever dared ask when kids they was, every adult within earshot would master the ability to shout in unison and inform you emphatically that every day is kids day!
As a parent, Father’s Day means so much more. It’s a chance to show Liam just exactly how much he’s appreciated how much he is loved and how much he means to the kids – even if they don’t really know or understand it yet. So when thinking of what we could get him this year I tried to think of something he would really love.
I’m sure there are plenty woodworking tools that he could do with but I wouldn’t have the faintest idea about that. He’d probably enjoy a cinema ticket. But I know he certainly wouldn’t want another keyring,  and a photo frame just sit in the pile of other frames we still haven’t put up yet.

Opening the Flavourly box


Disclosure *This post includes an affiliate link, which means, if you were to purchase through it, I could earn a little bit of commission. Doing this costs you absolutely nothing more than what you would have already paid – it just helps keep my blog running, pays for the odd tea bag and lets me turn a light on occasionally… and that’s nice, right?*
Also, – we received this box of drinks from Flavourly for the purposes of a review. Views, opinions and images are my own (or Liams)

But then an email appeared in my inbox and the timing couldn’t be more perfect. Liam likes beers He like craft beers. He likes to try out different flavours and types and in fact, he’s even got a book listing so many beers to try before you die, along with a beer tasting journal thing. So when the email from Flavourly pinged my way, I knew we’d already found the perfect gift!

Flavourly is an online store/drinks club based around helping you find drinks you love and sharing your views. They have discovery clubs that bring you new flavours every month with craft beers, gins and whiskies and a great range of other drink types.
We were sent a box of 10 bottles of craft beers. Each of them a different flavour. The box with instantly recognisable with Flavourly’s logo covering the outside. Inside, each bottle was stood in its own sectioned piece of the box and there was also a bag of snacks and a magazine.  Liam was very excited to take out each one and read the label to discover a bit more about them.

Over the next few days, he set to work trialling them. “The Flavourly box was great because it gives a range of flavours that you can choose one at a time and the magazine helps you look out for flavours and detect scents which is great for helping to train your pallet and learn more about what you are actually tasting.

Liam said his favourite so far has been surprisingly the lemon drizzle. “I was looking forward to it but was sceptical that the lemon would overpower the beer and ruin it, but I think they struck the right balance”

He still has a few more to work his way through and you can see his thoughts over on his Instagram account.

I think it’s safe to say we definitely struck gold with this Father’s Day gift and I would certainly recommend to other beer, gin or whiskey lovers.

As a thank you to my readers, Flavourly have given me a code that allows you to get 10% off your first order. Just follow the link here and enter Messy10 at the checkout. Why not treat your Dad this Father’s day?!

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