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A British Summer Vacation for Kids

July 10, 2018

Spain, Florida and Italy are the top holiday destinations for Britons. In fact, of the 10 favourite destinations for summer holidays, 6 are in the EU, meaning that most British families prefer to keep their travel distance short and sweet. But if you’re concerned about travel distances, there are fantastic vacation spots directly in the UK. Why should you go abroad when there’s everything you need at home? Besides, it makes it a lot easier to plan for holidaymakers with children and pets. When all it takes is a short drive, you don’t have to worry about pet passports, luggage weight or even currency change. Here are the top 5 British holiday spots for families., that are perfect to match the interests of all children. *This is a collaborative post*


Go cycling around Rutland Water


Sporty kids: Find something exciting to do together

If you have children who love sports and are keen to be active during their spare, why not register them to the Mums and Tots ride by Rutland Water? It’s a small ride for parents and children so that you can take young cyclists with you. (You can teach your children to ride a bike in three easy steps here) The ride doesn’t last over 2 hours and gives you the ideal excuse to find a hotel by Rutland Water and explore the region. You’ll find a lot of riding events throughout the UK in the summer. There are also running events, but these need to be arranged for experienced teens, as some of the shortest distances still require participants to run 5 kilometres. Similarly, do make sure to bring plenty to drink, as exercising in the heat can be dangerous. Ideally, you should listen to your sporty outdoors activities during the day to 2 to 3 hours.


Kids who don’t like sports: Look out for wildlife excitement

Not all kids enjoy being active during the summer, and ultimately, given the current heatwave, it’s easy to understand why. But if your kids have an interest in wildlife – for future vets or biologists – you can transform the summer holiday into a learning tool by visiting some of the best birdwatching spots in England. You can combine activities too, if you’re joining a riding event in Rutland, you can also stay a few extra days and head to the Rutland Water Nature Reserve, which is one of the most important wildfowl sanctuaries in the country. If you’re heading for the south coast, the Isles of Scilly in Cornwall attract seabirds throughout the year and also have an impressive number of native species.

Kids who love adventures

Summer is a time for new experiences, and it’s the perfect season to try something new as a family. If your kids have an adventurer’s soul, you can be sure they’ll love a vacation like no other. You can rent tree houses for a stay of a week or two – don’t worry, these are ideally equipped with all the comfort you can expect in a holiday home. And if the idea of being up in the trees is still appealing after this experience, why not take your kids to a treetop adventure with ropes, zip wire courses and plenty of excitement? Beware, however, while these treetop parks are safe, your kids need to be tall enough to fit in the harness, and they should also be strong enough to progress onto the various trails.


Photo by Maher El Aridi on Unsplash

For teens who love history

If your teens are lovers of literature and history – maybe future teachers in the making? – you might want to support their passion through a choice of exciting holiday destinations. The Hadrian’s Wall, for instance, is one of the most famous historic sites in the UK, as it marks the northern point in the UK where the Romans went. There are several walking trails past the wall, taking you through the remains of the facilities built by the Roman army.

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You can even get a certificate if you finish the Hadrian’s Wall walk! You can also find plenty of prehistoric trails along the south coast of Britain.

For the family to bond around an extraordinary experience

How about picking a holiday destination that brings you together as a family? There are some amazing experiences you can share together. For instance, if you plan your trip, you might be able to book railway tickets for the Jacobite steaùtrain that goes from Fort William and Mallaig in Scotland. You might know it better as being Harry Potter’s train in the film. Scotland also offers plenty of great spots to see dolphins. In fact, you can hire a cottage on the Isle of Mull where you can watch dolphins swim in the bay.

In conclusion, there’s no need to go abroad, this summer. You can take your kid on an unforgettable tour of the UK!
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