8 Best Ways to Organise Art Supplies

January 25, 2019

It’s the beginning of the new year, and there’s no better time than now to organise your art supplies. Perhaps one of your new year resolutions is to do more artsy things or to get your kids more interested in arts and crafts, the first step to achieving any of these goals is to organise your art supplies.
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An organised art room makes it easier for you to settle down to work and as for your kids, although children are very messy, they crave organisation. Having an organised art room will not only encourage your kids to get involved with art, but it will also help them learn cleanliness; if they know where to find something, they’re more likely to put it back in its proper place. So, here are 8 best ways to organise your art supplies.

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Throw Out the Extras

The first step to better-organised art supplies is to reduce your inventory. Go through your supplies and pick out things you don’t need; this could be extras or stuff you haven’t used in years. Try not to fall into the traps of “sentimental value” and “probable future need,” chances are, if you haven’t used it in more than six months, you don’t need it. Throw them out or donate them to your local art centre or community centre.

The Magic of Containers

So, you have all those paintbrushes, markers, scissors, rulers, and pencils lying around taking up more space than they should, take back your space with containers. Take advantage of your empty mason jars, baby food jars, or other open containers you have lying around and use them to store your art supplies. You can also get containers at low prices from pound shops or charity shops. Get enough jars so you can store your instruments in different containers and avoid cramming things into too tight containers.

We LOVE the Ikea Kallax! These drawers hold a LOT!

Colour Code

Colour code your art supplies to make them easier to find and get some free decorating. You can arrange your paints, markers, cardboard, yarn, threads, and pretty much anything colour centred by colour coding them. This makes it easier to find the colour you’re looking for and adds to the aesthetic value of your home.


Shelves are an inexpensive and effective way to organise your art supplies. The vertical storage model means you take advantage of the height of the room and you can store more things without taking a lot of floor space. You can have open shelves or take it a step further with hardware storage cabinets. These give you the functionality of a shelf without having to leave your supplies out in the open. This is especially useful for things that can easily fall off a shelf.

Hang it all up

Another way to take advantage of the height of your art room is to hang your supplies. You can use peg boards with straight and curved pegboard hooks. You can also use a clothes line and some pegs to hang your works in progress; this helps you organise your supplies and doubles as decoration for your art room. You can also repurpose a hanging shoe rack as storage for your supplies. Store paint, markers, scissors, cans, glue, and others or cut out the bottoms and use them to store loose canvasses and paper.


This is a particularly useful tool when you don’t have a room dedicated to your art supplies. Get a large suitcase or trunk –you can use an old one or get a used one from a yard sale or thrift store – then using pockets and dividers, turn it into the ultimate storage space for your supplies. You can put some legs under it and use it as a coffee table when you’re not using your art supplies.

Out of Sight

Store things you don’t frequently use in an empty cupboard. This takes them out of your art room, so you have more space for the things that are always in use. You can stow away loose fabric, canvases, or big jars.


It’s easy to fall back into disorganisation when you don’t know exactly where things should be. Sometimes, it’s too much of a hassle to find the right place, and you just cram things everywhere; this is where labels come in. With tags, you know what exactly should be in each container. Labels are easy to design online, or you can make some using some sticky paper and a marker.

Closing Thoughts

 So, there you have it, the 8 best ways to organise your art supplies and get your arts and crafts goals on track. It won’t be easy, but it’ll be worth it when you can find all you want with no hassle. 

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