6 months old & almost Christmas

December 4, 2013
My gorgeous little boy is half a year old and I couldn’t be more proud of him right now. He’s finally started gaining some proper weight. And I mean in the last month and a half his weight has rocketed. I’ll try and get him weighed this week so I know how much for sure. But he’s clearly thriving and happy! He’s rolling around the living room every day and he’s such a smiler! He makes my heart melt! He’s starting to understand some of the signs we use with him too. The ones we use most and that he understands are the signs for ‘all gone/done/finished’ and ‘milk’.

He can also lean his head forward if you ask for a kiss.

He can sit up with support and can also sit on his own but not for very long. His face has met the floor a couple of times bless him!
He can now feed himself finger food too, so I can put food on his high chair tray and although most of it gets knocked off, he can see it, know it’s food, pick it up and put it in his mouth and depending on what it is, either mash it with his gums and front 2 teefies or suck it to mush.

Sometimes I wonder if he gets bored with the same toys and things so I do try and change it up a bit. I put toys away for a week or so and them bring them out and hide others. I let him bang things and make noise and I (sometimes) let him play with his food and get messy. I’d like to do this more. In fact, what the hell, I WILL do this more!

scrambled egg
He doesn’t sleep thru the night like he used to,he’s going thru a bit of sleep regression but come January, we plan to move him into his own room. I’d do it now but at the moment, all of the Christmas boxes are in there and then as soon as that all gets put away, we’re off to London to get married. So I’d say about a week after that (mid jan) we’ll probably move him to his own room. Hopefully then he’ll sleep better. He won’t be disturbed by Daddy’s snoring and my phone lighting up. Plus his room is warmer than ours. 

We took him to see Santa a couple of weeks back, he loved it. All the pretty lights, the reindeer, the train ride etc. He always makes me proud when we take him anywhere because he’s just such a good boy. He got a present from Santa too and it’s under the tree. I can’t wait to see him on Christmas morning!
We’re doing the 4 gift rule so he gets something he wants, something he needs, something to wear and something to read. I won’t post what we’ve got him just yet, you can wait until he’s opened them, but, they are good presents. And also, he’ll get a few from family too so I can’t wait to see what else he gets!! I don’t know who’s more excited, me or him. Well obviously it’s me, he’s too young to have a clue!
Anyway! Will blog more at Christmas, time for bed ages ago!!


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