5 Ways You Can Include the Grandparents More in Your Child’s Life

June 17, 2020

Grandparents adore spending time with their grandkids. It keeps them young and they benefit from the love in so many ways. Studies even show that grandparents who babysit tend to live longer than those who don’t. It’s not just the grandparents that benefit. However, there’s plenty in it for both you and your kids too. It’ll help give you a break from the never-ending onslaught of parenting, and for your kids – well, there’s nothing quite like a grandparent’s unconditional love, hugs, and cuddles. Here are some easy ways to include grandparents more in your kids’ lives.

Take a Long Road Trip to Somewhere Fun

There are a lot of things that families can do together during a long car journey, and grandparents won’t hesitate to get involved too. Take a trip as a big multi-generational family. It’s about both the journey and the destination, so spend the car trip singing songs or playing silly games, and make sure you’ve got something fun planned when you reach your destination.

Finally, Take That Fishing Trip

Since you’re taking a road trip, you might as well build it around that fishing trip your kids keep nagging you about. Many grandfathers would love to have the chance to pass down the tips and tricks of fishing to their grandkids. It’s an age-old tradition – the family fishing trip -, and that’s because it takes all the distractions of modern life and leaves them at home, creating a fun and really great way to bond as a family – and as kids and grandparents.

Image by Beth Lowell from Pixabay

Create a Family Tree Together

You don’t have to go hundreds of years into the past to have fun with this one. Start with your kids’ great grandparents – it’ll give the grandparents a chance to tell your kids all about their parents and about how they grew up. You and your parents can share stories and anecdotes of generations past as you map out your family tree. It’s a fun way of bonding and teaching your kids a few things about where they come from.

Have Dinner Together

Invite the grandparents over often for dinner. Get the kids involved in cooking or preparing the meal in the appropriate way – even if it’s just setting the table. This time relaxing and spent with you and their grandparents will have a profound impact on your kids and their grandparents. Talking and spending quality time over a meal is one of the best ways of spending time together, and if the kids feel involved in creating the meal, then all the better!

Go on an Alphabet Walk

An alphabet walk is a really fun and simple way to not only get some exercise but to have some educational fun too. The idea is simple. Head out for a walk around the neighborhood and try and find things that start with the letters of the alphabet – all the way from A to Z. If your kids’ grandparents need a helping hand getting out, a mobility scooter can help; they are lightweight yet are powered too. Alphabet walks cost nothing, but it’s fun and educational for the kids, and you’ll be surprised how competitive their grandparents will get trying to complete the alphabet!

It’s easy and endlessly rewarding to give your kids and their grandparents some real quality time together. It doesn’t need to take careful planning and big budgets either. Your kids will gain a sense of your family roots and where they came from, as well as gain heaps of confidence and love from the unconditional bonds of their grandparents.

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