5 Funny Little Things About… My Mad Bunch

July 9, 2017

I’ve been tagged by Jenna who writes at  ChicGeekDiary to list 5 funny little things about each of my kids. I’m not normally very good at posts like these because I get half way through a list and can’t think of any more. Then it just sits in my drafts for ages and then gets eventually deleted.

However, I do find my kids mildly humorous most days so I will do them individually and in age order, so here we go

5 funny little things about…


  1. His scowl! When he gets angry he really screws his face up and he gets this bulging bit between his eyebrows. I can’t take his anger seriously when I notice it because he has the cutest little mad face.
  2. “Yeah, I know, but…” It doesn’t matter what you’re trying to tell him, he will always come out with ‘Yeah, I know but’ and then try and tell you something else.
  3. Single chance! Another Saying of Dexter’s. I’m not sure where he heard it and he doesn’t really use it in the right context so now we sort of jokingly use it with him to say ‘ok’ or ‘alright then’. It means nothing but he does a sort of hand action with it too that makes it funnier.
  4. Accents. Whenever he takes on any sort of role play like running round the house like a loon pretending to be a fireman or whatever, he will take on some sort of accent. Normally it sounds like he’s got cotton wool in his cheek with not much annunciation or tone. No idea what he thinks he sounds like it but he has got a wicked mad imagination. He changes his name regularly too. Today he is Marshall. Not Dexter.
  5. My Guys! Dexter has always been quite a quiet boy. He’s shy and hides his face from people when they talk to him, but over the last month or so he is becoming a lot more confident and more recently he is referring to people he sees as ‘his guys’.
    There were some neighbour kids outside the other week (that we don’t really know) and he got so annoyed because I wouldn’t let him just go outside on his own and play with them. He was adamant that they were ‘his guys’ and that he needed to show them his new skateboard and stuff. How can they be your guys Dexter, you don’t even know them! Hahaha



  1. She has a backwards walk. She looks to see whats behind her and then walks backwards deliberately because it makes us laugh. She knows exactly what she’s doing and it shows all over her face.
  2. ‘Ayyyyyyy’ If you take something off her or tell her no, she’ll pull a proper sulky face and say ‘Ayyyyy’ at you in a whiney voice.
  3. She copies EVERYTHING her brother does. Every single little thing. Sometimes this is funny. Sometimes it is really not!
  4. She gets way over excited when she hears the ice cream man. She has no idea what the ice cream man even is but she hears that jingly tune and she’s jumping and pointing like she’s got gin in her juice cup!
  5. Her face! She’s so animated! Paisley isn’t the biggest talker at the moment but her face speaks a thousand words. She knows how to tell you exactly what she wants or how she feels just by looking at you… and don’t even get me started on her hand gestures and body language.



and.. Bridget

  1. She could out-fart any bloke I know… She’s not very lady like at all.
  2. She will do a poo.. and the moment you’ve changed her, she’ll do another one. It makes no difference if you change her straight away or if you wait a while to make sure she’s finished. She’s never finished unless she’s used at least 2 nappies in one go.
  3. …. Errrrr I don’t have any more. Bridget is only 3 weeks old so ermm you’ll just have to wait until she’s a bit older and we know each other better before I discover her little quirks. She doesn’t even know them herself yet.


Well, those are my kids right there. Funny little bunch they are. They drive me mad but I wouldn’t change them for the world. What are some funny things your little ones do? I’d love to know in the comments.
I would also like to tag Lauren at ScrapbookBlog, Fern at MumConventional,  Heidi at Southern Mummy and Sharon at TeenTweenToddler to write a similar post on their broods.


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