3rd Pregnancy update – 23 Weeks.

March 8, 2017

You’ll notice, (if you visit regularly) that I’ve totally missed out the 20 weeks scan that most people include in their updates. Normally, this is the one where they announce the sex of their unborn child. Well…. You won’t be finding any big announcements like that here…

Weeks Gestation – 23

Due date – Technically July 3rd – I’m saying mid June based on my last two.

Size of baby – Roughly the size of a large mango or just over 11 inches

Stretch marks? No new ones. And I’m currently using Secret Saviours which I’ll tell you more about in a review post coming soon.

Sleep: Still waking up at least once a night on for a pee and a drink. Often I wake up and find Dexter has sneaked into our bed too! I don’t know how he doest it so stealthily.

Food cravings: Nothing since the roast potatoes I craved at the start. Although I am finding I’m wanting to make healthier choices.

Morning sickness: None. Nope. Nada.

Gender: Hahaha… Here’s the bit you really want to know isn’t it…
Well…I don’t know. Liam knows and is very eager to tell me but I don’t know. Some days I get a really strong boy vibe and I was right when guessing both Deter and Paisley but I’m happy in my ignorance for now.
Liam often looks at me with a grin on his face and asks if I want to know yet. He’s so weak!! But it is funny watching him struggle. If we hadn’t already decided that this was that last baby, I’d be tempted to know but as we already have one of each, I don’t care either way and I’d really like a surprise. I hope I can hold off finding out until the end.

Baby developments – He or She is kicking well. Well mostly. I did have a little scare when it all went a bit calm. He/She waited until I was in the middle of sorting child care so I could ring the hospital and go in to be checked over before getting really active! Panic over – right at the last minute!!

We went along for our 20 week scan. Everything was going well until the sonographer looked at the heart. He seemed to be focusing on it for quite a while. Eventually he told us he was pretty sure he’d discovered a tiny hole but the baby moved and he couldn’t see it again. He called another sonographer in for a second opinion and he couldn’t see it either but said going by the first set of images, he would’ve said the same. From there, we were given an appointment in a couple of days time at Great Ormond Street to see a specialist who would take a closer look.
GOSH confirmed there is in fact a hole, right where I’m pointing on that diagram. They’ve said it shouldn’t affect the baby and it’s in the best place to have one, if you are going to have one  – which I’m sure is nobody’s choice! It’s possible it may even close up before the baby is born but they would like to see us again at 32 weeks which is right at the start of May.

 My bump – Lets just say…. you can’t miss it

 My symptoms – Heartburn.. All the heartburn in the world. and tiredness. Some days I feel a bit lightheaded too. I’ve had the odd day where I’ve felt completely run down, ,miserable and emotional butI’ve started eating a lot better since and I’m taking Centrum pregnancy now too. Only since the weekend but its already making an improvement so hopefully I was just missing a particular vitamin or something. Still taking iron pills  and also on aspirin for my blood pressure.

Exercise – Nothing specific but I’m doing a lot of walking with the buggy so that helps.

Baby items purchased – Oh… I really should make a start on that.

Baby Names – Picked and sorted. I’m 90% sure on the Boys name, 100% on the girls name. And… Nope, I’m not telling. You can wait and see

What I’m looking forward to – Finishing work. I’ve got plenty of holiday to use up so I’m taking most of it in one big chunk which means I actually get to leave at the end of April. I can’t wait to have my evenings back again and spend time with Liam and the kids instead of rushing out as soon as Liam gets in. It makes such a difference!

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