3 Top tips for making home improvement fun

February 16, 2018

It can be hard to find time to have a spring clean every year (or any year!), especially if you’re working, have kids, or both! It’s also not the most exciting thing to be doing during your free time on weekends or half terms that should be time for fun family activities, relaxing and catching up with friends (and TV!).

One possible solution to this is to combine children and chores somehow, so you can keep the kids occupied whilst getting much-needed household jobs done at the same time. You might be thinking this is a crazy idea, BUT take a look at my list below to give you some ideas for making chores a little bit more fun, not just for the kids but to make it more fun for the adults, too!



Buy some second-hand furniture and turn it into a project. If it’s for one of the kid’s rooms, encourage them to get involved in choosing the design, or even let them paint it themselves if you’re feeling brave! You could even turn it into a family memento by making their handprints part of the design, or decorating it to preserve a family memory like a birthday or day out that you treasure. It’s easy to find second-hand furniture online or in charity shops, and even huge things can be delivered by Shiply now, so it’s easier than ever.



In the likely event that the kids will get bored, try and turn it into a game, perhaps the first to fill a bin bag of items is the winner, or see who can fill the most bin bags in an hour. You could make it a more enjoyable experience by letting them choose the background music whilst you’re rummaging through cupboards – turn it into a disney singalong!

For older kids you might need to add some extra motivation – try something like letting them keep the money from the sales of their items at the car boot sale, or let them choose an afternoon activity if you can get the job done by the end of the morning.


Redecorating the kids’ rooms

If their rooms are looking a little in need of a refresh, ask them what they would do to their room if they could, and see what you can do to make it a reality (or something close enough!). If their ideas are feasible, they’ll feel a lot more invested, and will probably get pretty excited about it, so if anything you might need to calm them down on this occasion which might be just as challenging as getting them excited about cleaning up! Redecorating a room doesn’t need to be too expensive, so if you’re worried about spending, take a look online at second-hand furniture on eBay and Gumtree etc, and see what gems you can find to bring back to life yourself. You can even find opened but unused paint on there that’ll likely be cheaper than buying a brand new full tin when you might not use all of it. Check Pinterest for easy and effective handmade ideas and concepts that you can create as a family – you’ll be amazed at bedroom ideas to make their room extra special, and they’ll feel great knowing they helped.


Do you have any other ways to trick your kids into getting involved in chores? Let me know in the comments if you have any other tips for making these jobs a little more interesting!


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