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Dexter at 3 months old

September 4, 2013


Dexter turned 3 months last week and is now doing so much more.

He’s still a baby and he’s not moving or anything but the tiny little things he learns everyday amaze me. I love seeing how something we do and take for granted is such an amazing feat for him.


We’ve had a bit of grief from the health ‘professionals’ regarding his weight (he is below the bottom centile line in those hideous, awful red books) and they’ve done various tests on his blood and urine and found nothing. He’s a happy baby, He’s smiley and he’s growing and developing as he should so I’m trying to put them out of my mind and just enjoy him. Sometimes babies are just small. Its just hard going to the weigh-ins sometimes and constantly feeling like they’re judging him or me or that they are trying to make me feel like a shit mum. But we have an appointment with a dietitian next week so we’ll see what happens from there.


Anyway, Dexter’s eyesight has come on loads since he was born. I can stand at the top of the stairs and he can see me from the bottom and he follows me round the room with his eyes and head.


He’s very active and wriggly. He pushes himself backwards when laying on his back and can also turn round in a quarter of a circle so if I lay him on his back with his head at 12 o’clock, he can move round to 3 o’clock.image

He grabs things quite well too. His muslin cloths, his toys, rattles, etc. He can put his hands together but hasn’t grasped holding things with 2 hands yet.


His hands are always in his mouth now too so he gets a bit wet and dribbly.
His head control is almost spot on now. He has wobbly moments but when sitting upright on Daddy’s knee (with Daddy holding him) he can look around the room to take in whats going on.

He loves being sung too and sometimes gurgles along and If I’m playing with his feet and then stop, he will lift them again for me to carry on.



He’s also had his first (and second) swimming experience too. he was a bit shocked when we first got in the water but settled quickly and then all I did was lay his head in my hand and let him float himself. He enjoyed the freedom of movement but wasn’t keen on the noise and and the bigger, more splashy kids. I’ll take him again now that all the kids are back at school and hopefully he’ll love it even more.


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