2016 round up and my hopes for 2017

January 1, 2017

2016 has been a fantastic year. There have been a few grey areas with crazy politics and of course, the sheer amount of celebrity deaths that have occurred has been a bit beyond bonkers (can somebody just check on Madonna please?). But, for the most part, it’s not been a bad old year. With this post I’ll be catching up a bit and working out what I want from 2017

Paisley Niamh

untitled-design-16At just 11 days into 2016, we welcomed our baby girl, Paisley Niamh. I gained a whole new respect for people that deliver via c section. Let me tell you.. it is NOT(!!) the easy way out. The healing process is awful. One sneeze had me feeling like my entire body had just exploded, the pain was awful.

We’ve seen Paisley step up to her milestone challenges and completely smash them. Some of my favourites being transitioning onto food and learning to crawl. Right now, at roughly a week and a bit week before her 1st birthday, she can say about 3 words (Dexter, ahhhhhh-boo and wassat), crawl up the stairs, let go of things and stand alone and also take a few steps. It won’t be long at all before she’s walking properly. She such a funny little thing with her games and expressions and she has so much love for her brother.

Dexter Blake

Speaking of, Dexter has totally rocked in the big brother department. He’s absolutely besotted with Paisley. He’s always wanting to cuddle her and kiss her and he’s so proud when he makes her laugh. He almost boasts about it! He’s still not the best at sharing but he’s getting there.

Dexter turned 3 in June and overnight, became a bit of a sod by scribbling a on walls and things but he’s not done it since. He got a fair bit of step time for that! In July he had his first fit and has since been diagnosed with epilepsy. I have been writing about it if it’s something you want to read but I appreciate not everyone will want to. I’ll leave the link to those posts here.

Having a sister the died after not waking up from an epileptic fit and spending a week hooked up to machines living for her, I can’t tell you how difficult it is to watch your son start to develop the same thing. But we all have to get in don’t we. It can’t stop us in our tracks and we can’t wrap him in bubble wrap.  All we can do is look after him as best we can.13781727_10154215367915803_1340596279504338610_n

It’s not all been doom and gloom for Dexter though. He’s learnt to write his name, ride a balance bike and is now starting to ride a proper bike. His speech impresses me daily along with his amazing imagination. Well, actually,  sometimes that confuses me but in a good way hahaha. He’s getting on well at preschool and we’ve applied for his school place for September too. Fingers crossed for that one! He’s really starting to become an awesome and very loving little boy. Yes, sometimes he’s a little shit and getting him ready in the mornings is a nightmare ( I had to get him dressed 3 times the other week because every time I turned around, he’d stripped off) But he’s 3! They can’t be angels all the time and I’m making a big effort not to shout so much. He responds better to just talking and explaining.

Completing the trilogy.fullsizerender

Then theres the 3rd child… not yet born but definitely on the way.

Yes, Dexter and Paisley helped us announce that we will be completing our trilogy next year with another brother or sister. So far, at just 13 weeks, I’m absolutely ballooning. There would be no hiding it, even if I wanted to.

This time round, I don’t want to know what sex it is. We already have one of each and have kept stuff from both of them. Liam wants to find out and that’s fine by me but I would like a surprise and I’m not at all bothered about who they will be. I know people at this point normally say “as long and it’s healthy” but even if it wasn’t, I wouldn’t love it any less. What will be, will be. I’m just looking forward to the moment Liam tells me their name as that’s how I want to find out.

On the blog.

So I’ve covered all the babies… what’s next? Oh yeah, the blog!

Well, this has been my best blogging year ever. I try not to get bogged down with stats. If you look at all of those then you probably wouldn’t consider me as a good blogger. I’ll cover them more in depth in the next section but in that department, I’m relatively happy.

Thanks to my blog, we have had some excellent experiences and tried out some wonderful products as a family.img_3699

During the May bank holiday, we were invited along to Duxford air show. We had such an amazing day out and both kids were absolute troopers. So well behaved and easy to have with us. Not an experience I’ll forget any time soon. Paisley had the benefit of using the lap baby at around 3 months old. A wonderful seating aid meaning she could sit on my lap but I could still use both of my hands. Even Liam was impressed with this one!

Dexter had a new clock from the gro company which he really enjoyed using and learning about and our most recent new product we are reviewing is an awesome new stroller, the Babystyle Hybrid. I won’t go into full product rave here, you’ll have to read the review when it comes, but I will say…. I LOVE it. Can’t wait to share it with you.

So… what about next year?

So that was 2016 in a nutshell. (Sorry if you thought that was a bit long – that’s the condensed version!)

I guess that leads me to next year and what I want to get out of it…


Well, let’s get the blog stats out of the way and go from there…

I started 2016 with some pretty low figures for someone that’s now been blogging for about 3 (almost 4) years.

They have improved over the last year but I don’t claim that they are amazing. Far from it in fact.

These are how they have grown over the year. The first figure is January of this 2016 and the second is now…(New Years Eve as I type)
Facebook > 214 – 431
Twitter > 868 – 1333
Instagram > 280 – 732
I also set up a youtube account but I’ve barely used it so that is currently at 7 subscribers. I have pinterest and google+ but don’t really use them.
But as I said before, it’s not the numbers I write for. It’s more of a sort of memory book, a diary and almost an escape at times.

Other hopes and goals

In 2017, I would like to get better at YouTube. I think with reviews, it’s good to have a bit of video in the post so that whoever is reading it, can see whatever product in use.  I’d also like to do a bit of vlogging. Maybe the odd ‘day in the life of’ post. I don’t know if people would even be interested in watching that but I’d still like to give it a go. I got a cool new Bluetooth tripod for Christmas that I really want to put to good use.

My main goal is to get into a routine. A routine of scheduling social media. A routine of writing new content. A routine of things I do each morning or evening to make it all a bit easier. Perhaps even a skincare routine that’s a bit better than using a baby wipe on my face because I have no time for anything more.

I might remove myself from some Facebook groups as I tend to get sucked in to reading lots of dramas and stuff that doesn’t involve me or that I don’t even care about.

I’ll try a few more linkies but ones with a bit of a difference.  I don’t join in many now as I never seem to get much out of it and don’t enjoy leaving comments on posts that I wouldn’t have chosen to read. But if someone comes up with something unique, I’ll give it a try. I think in short, I’m going to be a bit more selfish and run my blog the way I like it and not follow the ‘rules’. I never wanted it to become just like every other blog and I suppose to a certain extent, one blog is similar to any other. But that’s not me.

Another thing I’d like to do is get out a bit more. Take the kids for a walk so that we get a bit of fresh air. There doesn’t need to be a purpose or direction for the walk, just getting out will be enough.

What are your plans for the new year? Have you set yourself any blogging or life goals for the year ahead? img_3514

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