Threading Beads.

January 18, 2015

We got this set of beads for Dexter for Christmas from Wilkinsons at around £5.  It comes with 90 beads of different colours and shapes and 3 different colour laces.


Today we decided to have a little play with them.  We’ve used them a couple of times already but they are something I don’t let him use alone.  He is still too young to understand that he may choke on things if he puts them in his mouth so they’re something he only gets to play with under supervision.

If he can’t get the beads on the string, he tends to get a bit bored with it so to make it a bit easier, we used pipe cleaners. Firstly they are better for him to hold and secondly,  because they are stiff, the ends don’t flop over, making it so much easier to thread.

I folded over one end of the pipe cleaner and twisted it a bit to stop the beads coming off the end.  He did very well at getting the beads on and then sliding them down to the end.  I loved watching the concentration on his face. We also worked as a team where I held the pipe cleaner and he threaded the beads.

At the moment we are using them to improve hand eye co-ordination and manual dexterity. Eventually we will move on to identifying the colours and matching the beads to the pipe cleaners, then maybe shape matching and as he gets older we will do counting, patterns and measurements. Beads are great for teaching a number of different skills for children of any age so for £5, I believe these are an invaluable toy and one that I see us getting much use out of.



*I was not sent these beads to review, nor was I paid for writing this post. All views are completely my own. Please use your own common sense and judgement when selecting toys specified for certain age groups. Dexter is 19 months old and although these beads are labeled unsuitable for children under 3 years, he is always supervised when using them. 

Threading Beads (2)

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  • Reply Lianne January 18, 2015 at 12:48 pm

    Love this, great activity for hand eye coordination!! 🙂

    • Reply Leslie Rickerby January 18, 2015 at 3:24 pm

      Thanks and its so simple too, no prep involved and easy to put away! Perfect for rainy days or to kill an hour without getting messy

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