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Baby Shower

May 11, 2013


I had the BEST baby shower ever! We got were given some awesome gifts for little man and had a really good giggle.

I was surrounded by friends and family in the comfort of my own living room. It was lovely and relaxed after all the hospital drama’s. We played a couple of games such as Guess the mess (where you put different brown foods/substances in nappy’s and pass them round for people to sniff and study to guess what they are), baby food tasting and a few quiz based games too. We even had a race drinking out of baby bottles.
One of my friends made some lovely cupcakes with blue feet and sprinkles on and we had lots of bump friendly food.

It was lovely to have everyone together so I could see everyone again. Being in hospital so much means I hardly see anyone these days.

I cant even begin to list all of the gifts we got. I really wasn’t expecting much at all. The food blender was a brilliant surprise as I was only expecting a little hand held one. It was definitely Liam’s favourite gift.
Personally, I cant wait to dress Dexter in some of the cute clothes we got.


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